Lorretta Lynch....Part of the Secret Society?


I think he just got a friendly little shove… or chose a hasty exit… but not to be detoured… he will hide under a rock until he can collect his full pension…

His early departure also comes just a day after FBI Director Christopher Wray reviewed a memo drafted by House Intelligence Committee staffers that reportedly details FBI abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), in connection with its investigation of the 2016 presidential election.


Loretta Lynch just like so many will do what ever is needed to protect Obama. It is one sick thing. Think of all those he chose all ones that can be disgarded and no worries.


I’m not certain what you’re saying here??


What I am trying to say. Obama used people he could afford to lose. Lynch will take a fall for him, all will except Hillary. The entire idea is to protect Obama.


Sounds plausible. Obviously that’s what presidents do. How many pawns now in the Trump sphere. Flynn, Manafort, Papadopolous, Gates, Zwaan etc.,


Psst. The comment was not about Trump.


Yeah we all know Lynch and WJC talked about Golf and grandchildren . There will be a " Mass Suicide" of the Tratorists Conspirators soon. Bring on the cyanide!!!


Not for a minute…


WOW Monte, we agree on something. Were you struck by Lightning ???


Nope…, just wasn’t at all approving of that inappropriate contact.


Given Bills reputation, you may not know just how true that comment was…


Monte’s arbitrary to the last breath.


And vise versa depending on who’s in power.


Correct again Monte,it doesn’t matter whether a D or R is in power.


It does matter if a D or R is in power.

If you want a mommy state with regulations written to tell you when you can take a dump vote D. If you want the regulations to go away, vote R.

If you want government controlled healthcare D is your party.

If you want less government in your healthcare go with a R.

Unfortunately, once an entitlement is started, it rarely goes away. The ACA is a perfect example.

If you want men in women bathrooms, the D is the party of choice.

If you believe government should medically change the sex of people go with the d.

There are many examples.

The R’s and D’s are similar as there is no end to government spending to be re-elected. It’s what they spend money on that is the difference.


Correct LouMan , I agree!!! There is LITTLE if any talk about REDUCING spending where it COUNTS .


Correct, on both sides. Trump promissed to PAY OFF the ND in his eight years in office and it’s ALREADY increased more than a trillion, with much more being piled on. The only disagreement is over where to borrow and spend, and not whether to.


Blah, blah blah. Your TDS is our of control.

The disagreement in this country is between your ilk who believe government should spend endlessly on people who chose not to participate and people of my ilk who say enough is enough.
Time to reduce all spending to balance the budget, time to tax every citizen in this country. Everyone benefits from government everyone should pay.

Tme for that conversation that says we are limited on how much we spend, what’s really important and what isn’t.


And there in lies the problem. It will one day resolve itself and massive cuts will be required across the board when investors demand a premium in interest for purchasing our treasury toilet paper.

The Americans will whine and cry that their freebies are being taken.


Right, nice of you to have the integrity to acknowledge this fact. Both parties are killing America via death by a thousand cuts.