Lorretta Lynch....Part of the Secret Society?


Both Rd and D’s are Afraid of what a REAL AUDIT would show. The many Needless and Duplicated agencies would create Nationwide.Heart Attacks. How many of them are created as a result of Pork Barrel Legislation.


Once a government agency is formed they rarely go away, just find new places to make themselves important.

Ask yourself, do we really need Radio Free Europe???


Not really. If it’s that important, why can’t a private company do it. I forgot , no government CONTROL over programming content. We don’t want to OFFEND anyone.


“Since 2014 the US Congress has steadily increased the organization’s budget, from $93.75 million to $108.6 million in 2016 fiscal year, allowing RFE/RL to considerably expand its television and radio broadcasts in Eastern Europe.”

And the Russians spent a measly few million on our last presidential campaign. Who are the real propagandists?


But, but, that’s different.


When has the trumpian concerned himself with that, shrug.


Auh… one of the PC brigade supporters… ANTIFA an BAMN probably thrilled you when they shut down Berkeley. Tell me during the entire election process one person that Trump individually attacked that didn’t pop off to him first. Even the comments about Cruz’s family was preceded by pro Cruz PAC on Melania and not rebuke or apology for it by Cruz. Sometimes the truth just hurts and the left haven’t had anyone speak up to them in a very long time.


You certainly haven’t ever been concerned with offending everyone.


That would be a good thing.