Lunatic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Calls For Gun Control At Scene Of Scalise Shooting


93 Americans die from gun violence every day, huh Terry? Too bad you aren’t one of them you opportunistic piece of shit. I don’t know how the NRA and this asshole can occupy the same state.


They can’t help themselves, that gun just got up off the table and started shooting on its own. The guy apparently had nothing to do with it. The gun simply was sitting in his hands going off without him in control of it.


This is how it starts. Obvious first spin by the Democrats will be gun control. Next it will be that he wasn’t ACTUALLY a leftist. Then it will be that he doesn’t represent the left. It’s the same recipe they use when a Muslim decides to follow the Quran and kill innocent people.


This truly demonstrates the callow opportunism on the left. Did you notice Nancy Pelosi tried to make this all about herself- declaring that “no one gets more threats than me”. Their foolish followers will fawn over them regardless, but 2018 will bring a tsunami of voting for Republicans.


To bad 95% of them are in cities that have strict gun laws and sh*t to live neighborhoods run for decades by democrats… Keep trying to blame everything accept your own failed policies and the real reason you are a career politician … Power and Money…


It’s time to give people the right to defend themselves… The violence always occurs when the criminal knows their will be little chance of someone shooting back… As Rand Paul said, today would have been a massacre had Scalise not been their… none of the other members had a security detail…


I’d say it’s time for individual Republican voters to take threats against Republicans seriously.

I don’t need or want the government to get involved with my safety – I mostly want them to get out of my way.


How about controlling the lefts violent ways ? How can these images help ? Are they instructional …


He is an idiot. He originally said that there were 93 million killed each day in the US from gun violence. At that rate, the entire country would be depopulated in about 4 days!


Wow. Republicans are true believers in the Second Amendment curing violence in our country…93 people a day die from gun violence. It’s a fact. One sad thing I think we can expect is the GOP to push to swiftly to relax existing federal gun regulations…first up will be removing restrictions on silencers. Because, that’s important. So disgusting.


Yesterday, almost 25x more people were saved by a gun than killed by a gun. Liberals are willing to let you die as long as they can have their way. They seriously believe it’s okay for you to die for their causes. They make that very clear. But I guess you can’t see that.


What to do now in the wake of the leftist assault on GOP congressmen:

  1. Pray for the wounded

  2. Condemn leftist calls for violence in the media

  3. Pray for the left to come to their senses where we can agree to disagree peacefully

  4. Buy more ammo


I would like to see the numbers of how many illegal vs. legally registered firearms are used in those homicides. Also, how many of those “gun violence” deaths are from another’s self defense?


Like I said above… the vast majority of those 93 people live in hell holes created and maintained by democrats… don’t deflect away from the actual problem by pointing at silencers… you guys are so like magicians; you wave your right hand wildly in the air for all to see, while you continue to do stupid sh*t with the left hand… but of course in your eyes, its not stupid at all if it will keep you in power…

Did you ever wonder why the bastions of liberalism are in the northeast and so is considerable wealth while those very same people keep screaming about capitalism and poverty?


On June 15, the ATF confirmed that the Alexandria attacker bought his guns from a Federal Firearms License holders (FFLs), which means he had to pass a background check before taking possession of the firearms.

This puts the Alexandria attacker in company with the Virginia Tech attacker (April 16, 2007), Gabby Giffords’ attacker (January 8, 2011), the Aurora movie theater attacker (July 20, 2012), the DC Navy Yard attacker (September 16, 2013), the Lafayette movie theater attacker (July 23, 2015), the Umpqua Community College attacker (October 1, 2015), and the Orlando Pulse attacker (June 12, 2016), all of whom passed a background check to acquire the guns they used in their crimes.

When will you admit that it isn’t the firearm that is the problem, it is the sick society liberalism has created… Where somehow society… or at least a segment of society applaud people like Kathy Griffin for creating visual displays and lack of respect like this:

Al Franken said that she apologized so we should ‘just let her off the hook’ (I wonder if thats cultural obstruction of justice)

We live in a society that pushes antidepressants… why does the society need these drugs in such huge amounts? Why aren’t we talking about that instead of the opioid epidemic among ‘fly over white people’…

It’s easier for the left to put people into padded cells with ever greater restrictions and ever more dependence than it is to admit that liberalism is carrying society in precisely the wrong direction…

It’s easier for the left to push the narrative that the ‘right’ is the problem when in fact all of those shooters came from the cultural crib of the radical and fanatical left… or their new buddies, them Muslim community.


I think he has his stats backward…

93 million Americans are out of the work force, feel entitled, and are on welfare!

The other 93 million Americans are hard working, pay their taxes, and support the first 93 million.


This is what a responsible armed citizenry looks like… unfortunately it is looking more and more like the left is just a bit more than slightly unhinged…
Two back in prison

and this too:

and one in a box…


Bitching about gun control but not a single suggestion on how to prevent these types of crimes or protect Americans from this senseless violence. :roll_eyes:


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