Lunatic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Calls For Gun Control At Scene Of Scalise Shooting


No, he is being a good community member and making a suggestion to help keep the community in good working order.

You have a wide range of contemporary threads in which to express your view about this subject. There was no need to make a generalized statement on a 4 month old thread.


What does the age of the thread matter. Sorry to rub salt in the wound. Do you have a solution to the problem discussed in this thread?


If you have a proposed solution on any matter worthy of debate, you are free to create your own thread, reply to existing relevant threads with relevant responses, and encourage discussion in areas of interest.

Your response on this thread was not related to the shooting of Congressman Scalise or Governor McAuliffe’s response to it.

You made a general statement and offered up no solutions of your own. Essentially, you came to the table empty handed and only offered criticism of a discussion from four months ago. If you had some new updates related to the subject, or wanted to provide an alternative view – that would have been great. That’s not what happened. Your post was flagged by your fellow community members for being off-topic.

Finally, this is not the appropriate area to discuss forum etiquette, thread age, thread locks, or any other sort of administrative matters. You are welcome to send me a DM or create a thread within #help-resources.