Mad max calls for attacks on all Trump's officials


Well that’s a typical trumpian attitude, so no surprise there. But all human life has great value…

One thing is certain, the 1949 Geneva Convention makes it clear, as does the 1953 UN declaration, that the use of nuclear weapons in war is a violation of the UN charter and convention as is the deliberate targeting of civilians. As was done in Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Tokyo.


So what ?
Your the one bombing American city’s with nuclear weapons sicko !:point_right::disappointed:


So what??? Yep, no surprise that a Trumper would say so what when it’s America committing the war crimes.

And when did I bomb an American city??


Where do you come up with such nonsense?

Both countries realize that the use of nuclear weapons will result in their own destruction. Not just from retaliation but from the after effects.


You sound just like Trump, good disciple…


One country invented and used gun powder… one country invented and used nerve agents… one country found starvation and famine to be a particularly effective tool in controlling their own population… Oh… they were the ones who invented gun power…


Yeah, you want to hold them up as a historical model?? Though they have made some improvements.


I’m not holding them up as anything… Yes the US let the genie out of the bottle at the very same time that Russia seems to have ‘found’ the technology themselves… you can’t undo history and just as you like to cite everything in the constitution as ‘just opinion’ their are just as many people who called its use necessary as those who say japan would have just given up… or that it would have been better if we had just waited on Russia to partisan Japan…


Whoa…hold em up cowboy!!! Not everything. When you use such hyperbole, we can accomplish nothing.


Perhaps, but (and thanks for that acknowledgment) there was no consensus, and I’ll go with the most damning evidence which can be found in the diaries and statements by the men that were THERE AND KNEW. There’s nothing better than general Curtis Le May’s acknowledgements that he would have been tried as a war criminal had Japan won the war. Just as the Japanese were tried on account that we won the war.

Could you just for once show some objectivity and acknowledge the reality that there’s no good guys in war, all are belligerents, and the only ones that get tried when the smoke clears are the losers, hmm?


How does it relate to …………


The OP was about ……………Should I start a post about Japan , Iran and ???


You are correct… I allowed Monte to sideline me back at post 21… sorry…


Nice try but my post 21 was in response to @Freedom in post 19 who brought Iran into the subject.


Thanks . I know Stevie John derails EVERY post he can , just show how limited he is , when he can’t dispute the subject , change it !!!


“Congresswoman Maxine Waters has violated the sacred trust we each have to each other as Americans that have each of our rights stop at the other’s nose,” Star Parker, president of the Center for Urban Renewal Education, said. “Her call to extremism based on where another American citizen works and who they associate with must be sternly addressed by Speaker Paul Ryan, and apology is not enough, nor did she offer one after being asked by the House Speaker.”




I like your photo, but Mad Maxine is doing a good job of hurting the Democrat Party’s drive to create a massive Blue Wave.

Let her speak.


Who can understand what the nitwit is saying ? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Recently, she has been raising the ire of Democrats in her rantings. Schumer and Pelosi both disapprove of her call to harass administration members. I do not doubt that some Democrats in Congress would vote to censure or expel her sorry ass.