Mainstream Media Outlets Banish Contents Of Republican Memo From Front Page Coverage


In their front-page coverage of the story, mainstream media outlets gave readers no indication of the contents of a declassified memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

The memo alleges the Federal Bureau of Intelligence and Department of Justice abused their power to obtain permission from a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on the Trump campaign. It asserts the FBI used an unverified opposition research dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to obtain permission to spy, but never disclosed certain information to the court that would have undermined its case, including who paid for the document and indications its author was an unreliable source.

My question is, if the information contained in the memo was so far off base and so obviously inaccurate, why after all these months of pages of print copy derived from ‘unnamed sources’, did these papers political editors not have a field day tearing it apart?

Perhaps they know that as much as they want to see Trump swing, they know that the rule of law and many peoples 4th amendment rights have been trampled… Perhaps they know that their is an enemy in the US Federal government and while at present that enemy might be aligned with them… they are really nobody’s friend and are a clear and present danger to our democracy. And maybe it shows them that at the end of the day neither was Obama…


They don’t know what to do with it. The media hasn’t had to report on the truth in so long that they are now paralyzed with fear. They will have to tell their audiences, whom they have been shaping to be unquestioning drones, that something has happened which destroys all of “reporting” that they have been doing to the contrary.


Not to worry Scott the dem rebuttal will be covered front page above the fold.

Haven’t you learned yet?


The Liberals media lap dogs wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it. I wonder if there’s enough rocks for all involved to hide under. The Lap Dogs will put their best spin possible in an attempt to minimize public backlash. I hope Americans can see through the Liberal Propaganda machine and see how full of spiteful personal hatred they are. Boo Boo Boo to all of tehem


Why would one put a cherry picked document that paints a misleading picture on your front page of anything?


Do the American people not have a right to see it? It’s the job of the media to report it, not arbitrate it.


If there’s going to be a partisan hatchet job that seeks to mislead Americans, I see no purpose in putting it out, certainly not without the other sides response to it out there at the same time.


You just described 90% of news coverage in the United States. You should demand that all of the anti-Trump news coverage gets shut down. That’s the partisan hatchet job.


I guess it isn’t when a former British spy with a deep personal Hatred of Donald Trump worse than HRC , provides a dossier of unverified(False) information , doesn’t tell the FISA court judge who paid for it and then the court allows the Dems to wiretap. A presidential candidate is right with the DNC via HRC paying for it.


Most of the ‘reporters’ in the mainstream media dream of a Hillary presidency two or three nights per week; the other nights it’s Mueller leading Trump off in handcuffs. They work to upend an election, and all their friends are of the same mindset- so they can’t see anything wrong in what they’re doing.

If a GOP House member cured cancer tomorrow, CNN would be interviewing cancer researchers faced with a loss of work.


You don’t seem to have objected to the partisan hack job to discredit all things Trump with little more than leaks and cherry picked facts… No?

I still haven’t heard any real rebuttal to what was put out. See the deal here is that you hate Trump more than you care about the rule of law… when someone in black attire kicks in your business door, turns you business up side down and does it all on contrived information and then walks away later saying ‘oh, sorry… must have been a mistake’… or worse yet, they dig and dig and dig and find absolutely nothing so to save face and keep up a good prosecution record they invent an obstruction charge for a crime you never committed… Tell me how you feel about your 4th amendment rights then.


There was information in the dossier that was verified, as even the Nunes memo indicates. Also, I really suggest that you read the letter of commission for Mueller and his investigation and note the broad latitudes he’s given. :wink:


What… was it… and did it rise to the level of collusion to fix an election?


As card carrying members of the resist movement the MSM will do their best to under report and miss represent this document !


Mueller and his investigation and note the broad latitudes he’s given. :wink:
Given by a crew of conspirators in a attempt to cover their collective asses !
Muller isn’t the only investigator that knows how to pressure witness ! He may even find himself interviewed in this matter ?




Misrepresent a misrepresentative document. :wink:


Thank you! Cherry picked means that there is no denial.


Well, perhaps when the Nunes commentary is viewed in context there is no need for denial.


We will see how the DNC has repackaged their brand this morning on the broadcast news sitdowns.

Taking a turd off of rye bread and putting it on white bread. A turd is still a turd.