Mainstream Media Outlets Banish Contents Of Republican Memo From Front Page Coverage


The very fact the media was AGAINST the release of the memo speaks volumes about the state of journalism today . When has the media ever been against the release of bombshell information and corruption at the very highest levels before president Trump entering office ? A very sad day for journalist and the "media " !


yawn !!!.


Honestly, has anyone but a child considered the news sources that were spoon fed propaganda by British Spy Steele legitimate anyway for a long long time?


I thought justice was blind?.. it didn’t think they were suppose to come with an ‘affiliation’ only a view of the law as presentied in their appointment hearings. Besides being a republican has little to do with being part of another group who see the world in a special way that is very non partisan unless you look at it from the perspective of the state vs the people…


Exactly what I am saying ! Your response is not unlike a progressive bot .
Knowing the memo was gone over by the justice dept , the FBI , intelligence committee and the President for inaccuracy . You still post progressive dribble !


I am 100% without a doubt certain that if their were clear rebuttals to the claims made in this document, somebody would have leaked something… I mean hell, they have been doing it for some 2 years now… :roll_eyes:


Right, and declared “misleading” due to material omissions.

Congressional Republicans say that they have a memo that proves the entire investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government is a baseless sham. The White House wants the memo released to the public.

The director of the FBI, longtime Republican Christopher Wray, does not. According to Bloomberg, Wray believes that said memo is full of inaccuracies, and paints a false narrative of the Bureau’s activities. And on Wednesday, the FBI released an official statement saying that it “has grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”


Who said that?.. the opposition or the agencies? Their is a difference… or is their?


When 95% of the news media treats this type of garbage as NEWS and run it 24/7 people begin to believe . Just look at our universities of late what are they teaching ? Who are their speakers and who is NOT allowed to speak ?
“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
― Adolf Hitler
“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
― Erasmus


We saw in a NYTimes op-ed that a career FBI agent has quit to join the chorus of people who are dismayed at the political abuse the agency and ‘its people’ are taking… We when you read that, you think of a rank and file agent joining hordes of his brothers and sisters at the agency… Well… no.

It was Comey’s personal assistant…

But we didn’t hear much about these agents… did we?


a false narrative of the Bureau’s activities. That is the phrase that says it all they don’t dispute the facts just the way they were presented . They are hiding behindhand national security . This is a massive coverup !


I can’t remember if the press objected to hearing Monica L talk to Linda Trip tapes about WJC. The press had their underwear on too tight about the Impeachment Process.
But now that HRC is connected to the dossier, the Leftists are in snit. The Dems won’t direct any criticism towards HRC for loosing the election. They will provide the rocks for them to hide under and will attempt to make it as difficult as possible to impanel6 an “Impartial” jury if needed.
Josh Campbell and Christopher Steele should join what used to be the KGB.


What’s being covered up??? There’s a lot that we don’t know, wait for it.