Mainstream Media Silent About Antifa and BLM Violence in Seattle


Seattle today. Antifa and similar leftist scum pelt the police with garbage, Silly String, and foul language while the police do nothing.


I think pres should have gotten on the horn today and said “Since the MSM will not denounce the Antifa and BLM riots today in NYC and Seattle I guess I have to do it for them. The MSM silence speaks volumes.”


Seattle is getting what it deserves thanks to an endless parade of degenerates holding positions of power in the city.

Handiwork of the left on full display.


Those Seattle police officers were given orders, and they followed them. I don’t blame the line officers. I blame the mayor.

Portland’s police chief was just sacked by the mayor for ordering police to respond to Antifa provocation. He was replaced by a mulatto named (no joke) “Danielle Outlaw.”


It’s not easy being a cop today. Pray for our peace officers.


The protesters are getting paid 25 bucks an hour. That’s more than most 1st year police officers make in most parts of the US. The police are forgetting what their purpose is. They should be disobeying their liberal masters.


Great photos of the left in Seattle, ignored by the media.


Please don’t refer to them as the “Media” it’s more like agitators and fake news outlets ! :frowning:


It’s totally ignored by the MSM. see anything in the NYT? The WaPo? Or any other MSM outlet?


Like the saying goes, “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight like hell to preserve your right to say it”.

Myself and many others fought for those rights.

The Left’s response to free speech with which they disagree: SHUT IT DOWN by any means necessary.

These are dark times, my friends.


It is so true… and the left just haven’t figured out what kind of road they are trying to take us down… They will get a good idea when they have their butts in the air 5 times a day facing Mecca… or else…


MSM. see anything in the NYT? The WaPo? Or any other MSM outlet
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