Making Australia Great Again: Sudanese Refugees Afraid to Go Outside in Melbourne


Growing numbers of Melbourne’s South Sudanese community are choosing to stay home and not go out in fear of ongoing racial abuse and vilification regarding African gang violence.

‘We’ve seen people in Western Australia, in Perth, reporting that they’re being targeted at supermarkets, being called names. People being called the N-word, go back to where you came from,’ he told ABC Radio.

Let’s have a nice round of applause for the Australians. The first step is making refugees feel as unwelcome as humanly possible. This has a two-fold effect.

  1. The refugees will get so fed up that they will self-deport and return to the shitholes they came from

  2. The public will see that making them feel uncomfortable works and will ratchet up the pressure, which will force politicians to act

Now this could backfire and the politicians could completely cuck themselves out for the refugees but they would risk dealing with an angry electorate.


Good. There have been tons of stories about roving gangs of Africans assaulting and robbing innocent white people who are minding their own business. It’s time for these refugees to learn just whose lands they’re in. Good job Aussies.


We need to spread the word that Wakanda exists and you get there by flying into Lagos.


How dare the evil white devil fight back against the blacks who abused their goodwill. It’s racist to stay inside cowering in fear when they could go out amongst the blacks and get physically attacked. Now the blacks are so hurt by the mean thoughts which is another form of violence that they are not coming out of their houses. We need to have a national conversation about white privilege. Diversity is our greatest strength.


Melbourne has officially concluded all celebrations of diversity for the remainder of the year.


There is only so much diversity common folks can put up with ! Time for violence and crimes against whites to end . You go Aussies !!! :hugs: