Man Picks Up Illegals At Home Depot

Old but classic: dude picks up illegal immigrants from home depot …

That guy is sadistic. It would have been one thing if he thought he was performing a public service. But he was doing it for entertainment. Not sure karma considers intent, but if it does that guy is gonna get a wake up call someday.

i got the message

Video not available…

so can’t comment

It’s from YouTube. It just plays. Can you not get YouTube where you are?

So why did you?

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Holy shit! … I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen …:joy::joy::joy:

That was a bullshit move. That guy in the truck is sick in the head.

I may be against illegals coming into this country but they are human beings. No one should be treated like that.

Idk why u guys get ur panties in a bunch. That shit was hilarious…:laughing: Yea their humans and no one got hurt or deported. I say if their here illegally than their fair game for jokes…at the least. I had one of those fuckers find my wallet and open up fake bank accounts and cards giving me $50k in debt that took years to clear up. I have delt with a lot of illegals and most of them are fucking weasels that would take money from an elderly old lady if no one was looking.

That no one got hurt is beside the point. You do not treat fellow human beings like that.

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Their criminals here illegally looking to work without paying taxes…

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Yes, they are. That is wrong and I very much disagree with them being here illegally.

However, that does not mean they should be treated the way they were. That was cruel and sadistic.

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If they weren’t breaking the law by being here, they wouldn’t have to run from immigration officials.

Are you saying they shouldn’t be arrested and sent home?

But that is not what the video was about was it.

They absolutely should be detained and deported.

The video was about illegal aliens being duped into jumping into the back of a truck in hopes of being paid cash (tax free) for doing some manual labor and got a big surprise.

Well, American citizens should not be treated like this: [

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -
]( If I were running for office, I would have a slide show of this behind me at every rally. Now, this is just one of “many lists”; so I ask one of you Liberals, how may American citizens must be killed by illegals, before steps are taken to keep law abiding citizens safe. It looks like over 300 deaths on this list alone.

I saw the video, asaratis. My issue is with the sadistic way they were treated.

Let me make myself clear:

I am not a liberal, I am not in favor of open borders, I want illegals to be deported, etc.

However, what I take issue with was the sadistic way the illegals were treated.

I would have had no issue with any of these men being deported.

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I guess all he’s doing is rounding up people who’re here illegally and turning them over to the authorities with a chuckle.

I’m still laughing from that video…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: