Man Picks Up Illegals At Home Depot


It wasn’t sadism. It was harmless duping.


I see your point. Disagreement can be healthy. Fortunately, the most important thing we agree on is they should be deported. :wink:


i had a computer glitch trying to watch the video

maybe some kind soul here could explain ?



But he did not turn them over to authorities. He knew they would run. He accomplished nothing.


Some guy sees a group of illegals at a home depot store, ostensibly there in the parking lot to offer their labor to home depot patrons. That guy says to them that he needs to have a deck built and offers them each 60 bucks for the day. They jump in the bed of his pickup. He drives away. But he does not take them to build a deck. He pulls into some official immigration agency driveway. When the illegals see this. They start yelling and running like ants in all directions. The guy thinks it’s hilarious.

In the video he records himself. He clearly knows that they will run. He talks like he has done this many times. He does this for entertainment.

I don’t want illegals here. But the guy is getting joy out of their plight. Maybe they deserve it. Maybe not. I just think the guy is sadistic, maybe mildly so but probably tortured small animals as a kid and never grew up. Just my opinion.


Nobody uses dial-up internet anymore…get with the program…


thanks for sharing this

I don’t think that guy is going to win any awards for helping the situation-- probably makes things worse…


Its really a sad statement on our illegal immigration laws as well. Some random guy can clearly identify illegals. He is successful at getting them on his truck. Why can’t ICE do that? Some will say sarcastically … “oh that pesky constitution” but that just illustrates how perverted our laws have become and how powerful leftist lawyers have become. The stupid random guy was able to get to “probable cause”. Our authorities should be able to do the same. And if they are citizens in the parking lot looking for work, there is a legitimate way for them to do that. Standing in the parking lot of Home Depot is not one of them.


Libs will raise holy hell about racial profiling.


U people have too much sympathy for illegal criminals. I’m actually a little shocked that you guys feel bad. It would have been worse for those dudes if he really intended on having them deported. If their here illegally and are trying to abuse our laws at my expense, then they are fair game. I honestly wish someone would start a series or blog on doing this type of shit to illegals. I would pay for a subscription to watch it.:joy:…I can’t get that last part out of my head when they scattered like roaches…:joy::joy::joy:


Oh yes. You are right… even though most Hispanics are technically “white”.


i agree. But… hate to sound like asking d umb question

Did they expect Home Depot to hire them?

had Home Depot hired them b4?


See that’s the thing. I would favor the worse result… deportation. That accomplishes something… eliminates illegals from our country. This guy accomplished nothing but scared the illegals for his own amusement. It was all about the guys’s amusement. I would prefer that it was all about our need to get rid of the illegals.


OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!..U R killing me…:scream:


Ummmm… it was not the job application desk at Home Depot. It was the parking lot.


You can’t just turn them in like that anyways…if they are here, might as well make the best of it and give them some shit for wasting our tax money, and have fun while doing so…


I agree that he was being mean as entertainment. If he had tricked a burglar into breaking into the police department but the burglar ran away before being caught, would that upset you too? What about a TV show that tricks guys into soliciting underage kids so we can be enetertained by them getting caught?


They should make a parody video of right-wing racist basement-dwelling trolls afraid to leave their mom’s house.

Oh wait nevermind that’s real life.


Republicans live in rural places no police you live in cities with police states… wanna play? Lol


I remember this. The guy is just a troll and also a racist but i LOVE what he did (except for the speedbumps, the swerving etc. too adolescent for my taste. It still made me laugh though, and no one was hurt.

It would have been interesting to record you informing the INS staff there that you would be coming by with a truck load of illegals. I would have LOVED to see if they even tried to chase them down LOL. I’d rather see an upright ex-marine casually making the delivery…no venom, no dehumanization, just law and citizenry. Then it would go viral for the RIGHT reasons. I reject extreme right as much as I reject the left. Not accusing the poster of anything.