Man Picks Up Illegals At Home Depot


That was a bit of a cruel joke…I mean, I can see where he is coming from, but he calls them “beaners” (which I’ll admit is racist) and is tricking them for fun. I feel like a bad person for laughing at this. But regardless, they shouldn’t have been in the U.S. They thought they were going to get a good-paying job and got hit in the face with ICE. Maybe he should let ICE handle things like this…


How about a comment on this: Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -
]([ ]( asp)) All these people would be alive, if it were not for the illegal aliens who took their lives. Something to digest. There are many lists like this one; and all ignored by our bleeding heart liberals.




I suggest everyone do a search on a child named Serenity Reedy. That crime has burned itself into my brain. [

Man will serve at least 40 years for raping, killing baby | Tri-City Herald

Sep 24, 2014 - “I carry the burden of what happened to Serenity ,” he said, wiping his eyes … James Reedy , Serenity’s father, told the court that Aguilar has no …


Court docs: Wash. infant found dead had severe vaginal trauma | KBOI

Jun 10, 2013 - The child’s mother found Serenity Reedy dead in her crib Friday … Reedy said Aguilar wanted to have sex that night but she told him no. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now tell me public crucifixion not a fitting punishment. Actually public crucifixion is too good. He should not be executed; but the punishment should make him beg to be executed.


This is the ultimate answer when progs cry about families being separated. We are not preventing the rest of the family from going to … wherever.


What else do you call someone who eats a lot of beans.:laughing: …I call them wetbacks and I’m Hispanic…


Progressive liberals excuse such crimes when they claim that illegals are more law abiding than citizens. They fail to recognize that THAT particular crime occured because THAT illegal immigrant was here. Their ideology comes before everything.


I remember watching that video around a year ago, I’m glad the humor in it hasn’t subsided! The guy driving the truck makes a bunch of videos like the one here, alot of them are even more messed up than this one but they are all funny as hell


to be a moo slime mexican other trash, are doomed here the guns are coming out .


What? Please type English so we can understand what you are trying to say


Most Felons on the Lamb will do their best to appear as law abiding citizens no? Illegal Aliens are no exception.




Sooner or later; and history has proven this, when law abiding citizens feel abandoned by their elected representatives, the situation comes to a head. When it does, Hell breaks loose.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remember, we elect politicians for one reason; “to provide a service”; that being, to keep the people who pay them, safe. No grey areas.---------------------------- Unfortunately, that often is forgotten - lost in the shuffle of power.


i totally agree… accomplished nada…something a 9 yr old would do


Ummmm… that doesn’t answer my question… unless u think it is OK for HD and other US companies to get away with hiring the illegals… but the illegals should be punished to the full extent of the law…?

I believe some so called Republicans think such…


including common sense


(love for Americans first?)


Maybe you and I have a disconnect. The illegals were not trying to get HD to hire them. They simply hung out where the average American Joe might need some help putting up drywall, building a deck, etc.


ok, i get it now… nice to have sufficient info



Benny Hill would be proud.


I think it is stupid and immature and evil

they are still human beings… and I never had a problem with illegals who just want a better life.

I just dont know which is which (criminals/non-criminals) and neither does anyone else…