Man shoots wife at church



In 2011, there were 14,675 unintentional, non-fatal firearms injuries in the US. Some percentage of these are self-inflicted.

This includes both people who accidently shoot themselves, and people who accidently shoot someone else.


Does make a case for more gun safety classes.


What’s the purpose of this post?

To make fun of people who accidentally get injured by firearms? Maybe you should make some posts about people losing life and limb in workplace safety accidents. How about you go full asshole and make a thread about kids getting killed in car accidents while you point and laugh?

2011? We are just about in 2018.

Here, have some fresher data to make fun of injured or dead people with.

The black-on-black homicide rate for 2016 was 7,881 dead.

As many as 7,500 Americans – 20 per day – are killed annually by unlicensed drivers.


Yes, it’s funny that people bring guns to church. But god and guns is uniquely American.


But of course you didn’t miss an opportunity to turn my thread into your racist hatred.


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How are FBI crime statistics racial hatred?


Hate God as much as guns and the military.

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Hundreds if not thousands of car accident today in the state of commifornia alone, I guess we should ban cars, right illiterate bernie bot?


What’s racist about the news?



Poeple bring guns to church, bc bad guys shoot up churches. Thinking is hard, illiterate bernie bot

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Wait, will she be charged with sexual misconduct with a minor? Im confused…


Talking about gun violence in Chicago is different than in Tennessee???

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This isn’t a thread about gun violence, it’s not a thread about black people, it’s a thread about an accidental shooting in a church. Stay on topic, and stay civil, or find another place to vomit.


How curious as you drive topic after topic off track and into your self proclaimed mantra of hate.


The chief believes the man will get to keep his handgun carry permit.

Nothing said about required additional gun safety training for this moron. :roll_eyes: