Man who roundhouse-kicked pro-life woman identified, gets fired


He should have worn his mask.


The man captured on video roundhouse-kicking a pro-life woman has been identified, and he’s lost his contract at a Toronto hair salon as a result.

As discovered by many internet sleuths, the man in the video taken at Sunday’s Life Chain event is Jordan Hunt, employed at Noble Studio 101 at the time of the violent incident at Sunday’s Life Chain.

The shocking 46-second clip by Marie-Claire Bissonnette, youth coordinator with Campaign Life Coalition, went viral after it was published on LifeSiteNews Tuesday, reaching number 8 on YouTube on Wednesday, with over 500,000 views as of publication, and sparking widespread discussion on social media.

Noble Studio 101 posted a statement on Instagram Wednesday that “it has been brought to our attention that Jordan Hunt has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro-life rally. We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go.”

A representative of the hair salon confirmed this when contacted by LifeSiteNews.

“We’re four strong women here,” she said. “We don’t condone any kind of violence… Everybody has their own opinion and different ways of thinking, but violence is not the answer. He won’t be stepping his foot through the door again.”

Bissonnette approached Hunt while filming with her phone after he scribbled on Life Chain signs and on jackets of pro-life participants with a marker, she related in her LifeSiteNews account.

After a brief discussion, he suddenly roundhouse kicked her with lightning speed, knocking the phone out of her hand. He also tore a Campaign Life ribbon off her jacket before running off, Bissonnette related.

Bissonnette has filed a report with the Toronto Police, but according to police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante, the details of the incident are “on file and the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made at this time.”
She added: “This is an ongoing investigation and any leads regarding the alleged suspect is part of that.”

Hunt’s profile has been removed from the Noble Studio 101’s website, but according to a screenshot, he is writing a book on “The Hippy Swamp Witch, a guide to natural living,” and developing his own product line. He was formerly employed at Coupe Bizarre on Queen Street West.

Hunt’s Instragram account had been shut down Wednesday night.

Bissonnette says she intends to press charges, and is urging people to pray for Hunt.


It’s a shame he didn’t bite his own tongue off doing it.


A faggot who didn’t like catching it in the ass when they found out who he was.


Big deal… the employer fired him because of their fear of liability - criminal prosecution is the remedy…


Being fired he got some off what he deserves, but needs to be jailed for at least a night before going before a magistrate.


It’s interesting how he’s wearing a necklace indicating he’s a member of certain tribal group of people who work to destroy white Christian families across the planet.


If you ever wonder why feminists hate men, it’s because they hang out with guys like Cuck Norris here.


If they know his name and his employer past and present why hasn’t he been arrested??


He’s probably a side piece for Trudeau.


I dont agree with him trying to kick the phone out of her hand, he should have known its considered “aggression” because he is a white man, because if he was a black woman or a minority and they kicked the phone out of the protesters hand you know they wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it.

nor would the media even report on it.

Firing the guy is a bit draconian but whatever.


Firing him was not enough. He should be prosecuted.


I dont agree what the guy did, because violence against someone who has a right to protest is wrong in my book, but really what is the appropriate punishment in this case?

Probation and his record expunged in a few years, there are antifa and BLM who have done worse and have any of them been punished?

And why I said firing him is draconian, because his action has nothing to do with his ability to do his job, if it was in his contract prohibiting this kind of behavior is one thing, what he does outside of company time is another.

Kind of reminds me of the Randa Jarrar situation, although no violence was involved in her situation, she sent out some disgusting tweets about the late Barbara Bush and the Bush Family, now to be clear its her right to say what she pleases, but the University reaction was" what she did was not sanctioned by the University and she did so on her time outside of her duties at the university "

Now I will acknowledge that this idiot who round house the girl is in Canada and Im not comparing first amendment rights as they dont have a first amendment

My point is he shouldn’t have been fired for doing something outside of Company time, now I get why they fired him because the company doesn’t want to the added pressure from outside groups

shaming him on Social media is one thing, taking his job away is b.s.


Private companies have the right to fire anyone that behaves in a manner that may piss off their clientele. It’s not good business to hold on to an asshole like this when your business involves creating hairdos for women.

Had he worked for a trucking company, it may have been different.

I was once had a good electrician working for me that pleaded guilty to child molestation. I fired him the next day.

I had an electrician’s helper that lied to me about why he missed work the day before. I fired him in the spot.

Actions have consequences.



I do understand and get your point, private companies can fire their employees, but even under the laws there are circumstances.

If companies have moral conducts bam, you’re gone, that I get.

You firing a child molester , dont blame you, the guy you fired for missing work the day before I am surprised that you were challenged because there are a lot of shady workers out there.

My beef with this scenario is, its a double standard, the guy is a white guy assuming he is straight.
because if he was transgendered, gay, Muslim, minority, or even another woman , they would not post that on social media.

Even if that guy didnt roundhouse the woman, and he got in her face like the two black BLM activists with Bernie sanders, which made him look weak his response, if that guy did what those black BLM activists did he would be still in trouble for “aggression”

My point, others can get away with it, like I said if another woman did the same thing to the protesters, would we be talking about her and saying she should be prosecuted?

I doubt it.


I didn’t fire him for missing work. I fired him for lying to me about why he missed work.

I detest liars and thieves.

I think anyone that kicks someone for demonstrating should be prosecuted for it. Whether they deserve firing or not is a decision for their employer…not me.


Check often to make sure he’s simply not “rehired” next month.
Was there not a ~(pardon the unpopular term)~ MAN somewhere nearby that could have neutralized the punk?

Once an assault has occurred and ESPECIALLY if there are multiple witnesses, any citizen has the right (and perhaps the duty) to forcibly subdue and detain the attacker until police arrive. There was even video evidence in hand so…why didn’t these women kick the shit out of him and sit on him?


Im not on-board with him being fired (tho that is the exact tactic the left use ,for example doxxing my employer for me being at a speech by Jordan Peterson); however, Im in full support to press charge on him, for aggravated assault.

Then I wont blame any current or future employers for not hiring him based on his prior criminal record.


I’m with you in theory; however, we are at war and the reason the right loses to the left all too often is that we allow our principles to be used against us. These are dirty gutter fighters and must be dealt with accordingly.


He only did it because he knew she couldn’t stop him. If it had been a man, he would have gotten his ass handed to him. Liberals are violent so conservative women should be accompanied by men or carry pepper spray.


Amazing… its like deja vu… I have said this very same thing about Hillary Clinton so many times…

Oh… sorry off subject… Yes he should be immediately locked up but it would seem that something in the system tends to overlook the deeds of some while unjustly hammering others…