Man who roundhouse-kicked pro-life woman identified, gets fired


No doubt the firing had more to do with #metoo than any actual perceived injustice because in their explanation they did say:
"We’re four strong women here,” she said. “We don’t condone any kind of violence…

So, you are likely right that had it been a kicking chick, they would have found reason to glorify her womanhood… double standards aside, I wouldn’t want someone who acted this way in and around my other employees or customers…


He has been arrested and now he’s facing eight charges of assault. I dropped the link for you to check out but it’s on the internet. You can go find it.


What a turd , someone needs to roundhouse his jaw . Charge him with assault !


We all make bad decisions…you can see him getting riled, then looking around to see an exit strategy, then a pathetic windup that took an hour. I think he was trying to just hit the top of the phone for a batman moment LOL.

Like I said, we all make mistakes, and most of us have to pay for them. He should have been charged. All that is required is that the lady press charges. If she doesn’t, that’s her choice.


yeah, he made a stupid mistake, a bad judgement call on his part.

I dont think he should have been fired over it, arrested for it, yes.


I wouldn’t want to expose myself to any liability if he attacked a customer or co-worker so I would fire him immediately.


except what that idiot was doing was on his personal time, not company time.

Im not excusing what the did, it was a bonehead move, and he should face the consequences of this actions but firing him ? nah.

What is next, if a guy fondles a stripper on his days off and the stripper presses charges, should he be fired too?

Attacking a co worker or a client is grounds for dismissal , acting like a jack ass in his skinny jeans and kicking a phone out her hand deserves to be ridicule not fired , unless the woman was a customer of his firm.


That matters not to me. He displayed his character in public and was recorded doing so. Clientele may be turned off by it, especially if he has ever styled their hair. Other women who have never patronized the establishment may be inclined to never do so.

IMHO, the owner made the correct decision to can his ass.

If he is a talented hair dresser, he will be able to find work elsewhere.


As long as he keeps getting his knees dirty he’ll be employed alright.


ohhhhhhh, he is a hair dresser, well I get that now, a hairdresser with women as 95% of the clientele, well okay that makes sense that they fire his ass after kicking the phone out of a woman’s hand.

Yeah I get it now… Im not a leftist/liberal I can see things and put two and two together, unlike the left.


Do I detect a hint of sarcasm or did you miss the above quote in the OP?


I didn’t know he was a hair dresser, I didn’t know what Noble studios was, I assumed it was something to do with the tech industries.

I somehow missed the " hair salon" part, Im not sure how I missed that…


He was a temp hair dresser. It was consistent with his clothing choices and demeanor.


What’s funny is that it was an accident and everyone wants him thrown in jail for life because he misjudged distance.

Also she wants to force 16 year olds to bear the child of their rapist. She isn’t exactly a saint.


Cute try to downplay the assault.


They do that when it’s documented and against another liberal.

When it’s undocumented, uncorroborated, from 36 years ago and against a conservative, it’s got to be true.


It wasn’t an accident, his foot didnt all of a sudden come up and strike her phone because of some act from God or the wind turbulence , he chose to do it, he has bad aim .

there are consequences for his actions.

I dont like the woman either, dont care what she stands for but she has the God given right to display her signs and protest without being assaulted, accidentally or not


Striking a women is more than a bad decision !!


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