Man who roundhouse-kicked pro-life woman identified, gets fired


I agree.

Did he kick her or just her phone? Either way, that kind of violence should be dealt with … if he kept his job, well, that just tells him he can get away with such things.


you don’t support the pro life cause?


have I given you any indication that I dont support pro life?

I support the right to free speech and protesting no matter how odious their position is.

I despise Communism, Marxism, Socialism, the Left and the People Democrap Plantation party, Abortionist etc, but I support their right to protest and free speech and not be assaulted either.

I get if she smacked the guy and he had to defend himself, but to kick the phone out her because he doesn’t like her position, come on.

I hate BLM, and Antifa too, and if they protest peacefully I dont have a problem with them, but get into my face and attack me and I will defend myself by any means because you’ve crossed the line


That makes me fucking furious…I hope to god I never see something like that in front of someone who is pro choice…


THAT depends on the circumstances and the woman


With you it would , no surprise there ! :roll_eyes:


YES! But it shows how much control the globalists have.


I’m not down playing anything. It was an accident. Stuff happens…but that doesn’t stop right wing extremists from demanding that he be put in prison. So sick.


I bet if a Trump supporter had roundhouse kicked Christine Ford, saying that he only meant to knock the lawyer prepared testimony out of her hand, liberals would not have passed it off as “stuff happens.” Screeching women would have taken to the streets demanding that he be imprisoned immediately.


That isn’t what happened…is it.


One way to highlight a hypocritical viewpoint is to compare what might happen to what did happen.


you must be VERY young. The old adage “you never hit women” has long been antiquated and just not true anymore. How can you ask for equality and not expect to get a smack when you decide to punch a man in the face. Personally I have never done such a thing but believe me, a woman comes at me with intent to harm, she will be neutralized. That doesn’t mean DESTROYED, MAIMED, OR KILLED it means she’s going to feel the consequence of resorting to violence. There may be a bloody nose. get use to the idea. We have women in combat now, pro boxers, wrestlers, martial arts experts, weapon experts. Plainly put, women who could easily open a can of wholesale whoop-ass on a man. Welcome to Equality snowflake.


What planet were you born on? This wasn’t an accident he was trying to assault this woman and everybody saw it because it was on video!


Everyone is just speculating on whether the guy was trying to just hit the top of the phone and send it flying like some ninja or aiming for her head. Either way it was a bad decision that resulted in assault and battery. I don’t think anyone disputes the wrongness of the act and the resulting CRIME.


Oh right right. You are right, we should blame gravity for bring this man’s leg so low that it did not reach the phone the woman was holding. Damm it gravity!


The ability to assault a women doesn’t make her equal , it simply makes you a moron !! :roll_eyes:


so if we were at a party and I got drunk and accidentally laid on you… would your call it assault 34 years later?


You really should back away, you are making a fool of yourself. if you aren’t 12 years old you must be impaired. I really do not relish getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. have a nice life snowflake.


What if I were to have round housed that Fagg for recording me? I would’ve went to jail for gay bashing…


What a turd of turds , he thinks it’s ok to beat women because it makes them equal but wants me to back off because I hurt his feelings for being called out as a women beating moron . Keep flexing those big bad muscles and show them women who is the BOSS ! :roll_eyes: If you think I’m 12 YOU MUST BE 2 YEARS OLD . :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: