Maxine Waters is a Low IQ individual


Maxine should run in 2020. She is the embodiment of affirmative action. Look up “Low IQ”. You’ll be greeted with “see Maxine Waters”.


She is stupid and the sad thing is no matter what she says or does she will keep getting re-elected. No one holds that woman accountable and anytime someone says something critical of her she pulls the race card sitting in the comfort of her mansion well outside of her inpoverished congressional district.


Sounds a lot like the billionaire TIC in his golden towers that has such understanding of the average American that earns in a year what he spends in a day.


This thread is about Maxine Waters. If you can’t stay on topic then kindly find another thread to post about the topic you are commenting on. This one isn’t it.


Back in the early 1980s, Maxine kept Tom Metzger from taking office after he was democratically elected to receive the DNC party nomination. She’s a race baiting tyrant and always has been. She hates when anyone else pulls the race card though.


The fat ass TIC just called Maxine Waters names again on Saturday and engaged in personal attacks about her because that’s what the crowds come for as he acknowledged they’d be bored and leave otherwise. Name calling and personal attacks, in this case about Maxine Waters is all the TIC has and his followers following suit with a thread created for the same purpose of personal attacks on her.


So it’s not ok to criticize Maxine Waters? Is that what you’re saying?


All public figures are fair game. The TIC however makes a sport of it and acknowledged that the party goers Saturday night would have become bored and left if he didn’t behave unpresidential.


Maxine just needs more opportunities and education :roll_eyes:


I could be wrong., but I believe Mad Max wearing the James Brown wig is a supporter of Louis Faracoon. That really takes a high IQ.


The fat ass Maxie should get a real job instead of her entitled government job.


And the TIC supports David Duke. I think they both should be sent packing.




This country didn’t send Obama packing who lied to the extreme to the American people time after time, why should trump be sent packing.


The TIC is stupid (a f-ing moron according to Tillerson) and no matter what he says or does, his base supports him. If he committed murder, broad daylight on 5th Avenue, he’d not loose one of you, he said so.


What does this say about the voters she represents.Along with several BLACK members of Congress , she is a supporter.of Louis Faracoon. Probably like a jockstrap.


Sometimes there is no END to your REDICULOUS assertions.


No supporter of Farrakhan or Duke should be holding office in America.


Are you challenging the notion that the TIC would loose no supporters if he committed murder??


President Trump disavowed David Duke .The Liberals are the ones always playing the RACE card . I guess race relations improved dramatically under Schmobama.