Maybe Saudi Arabia Has Taken Trump To Heart ... And Is Done With The Likes Of Clinton And Friends


Just One More Nail In The Coffin Of The Clinton Corruption Network…

Interesting that the champion of womens issues goes to ground and misogynist Trump goes to Saudi Arabia and all of a sudden women can drive… Just who was holding who back?


So First King Salman cleans house and arrests his own Princes. Then Riyadh gets targeted by a missile coming from Yemen but blamed on Iran. And today eight very important Saudis, including a Prince, die in a Helicopter Crash near Yemen border. Would it be a bridge too far to say that all is not well in the Kingdom?


This goes a lot deeper than the speculative connections to the Clintons. While noticing the news of high-profile arrests in Saudi Arabia related to “inciting public order”, I read two articles on the details of what’s happening. I was struck by the intersection with “social media” in both articles, and among other things was imagining the Twitter/FB people in front of the Saudi government regulators demanding to know “who posted these divisive and subversive things”, just as we are calling those same organizations to account for their role in allowing people a forum to spread “the wrong ideas” in anonymity…complicated topic…

Talal, the Arab world’s richest list with an estimated net worth of $18.7 billion, is also the second biggest shareholder of Twitter Inc.

The Interior Ministry said on Wednesday in a separate statement that 24 people were arrested in the northwestern province of Hail for “exploiting social networking sites to promote lies and exaggerations” with the intention of provoking “sedition and tribal tensions,” according to the SPA.


Couple all of this with the Premier of Lebanon announcing his resignation on TV from an undisclosed location in the Saudi capital and the on-going saga of the standoff with Qatar (which the Saudis are behind) and something very wrong is happening in Saudi right now.


Prince Talal is also the 2nd largest shareholder of Twitter.


This, the country courted by the Bush family for three generations (btw, do you remember seeing the Saudi prince and George Bush walking hand in hand through the Texas blue bonnets at his Crawford ranch) who financed the 911 attack and supplied 15 of the 19 hijackers. The REAL biggest supporter of terrorism in the ME, yet has remained our “ally” in the ME for all these years.


Their appears to be a rather strong exchange of words occurring between Tehran and Riyadh… This is a rather interesting twist and potentially quite destabilizing for the entire middle-east… I don’t think that the US or Russia will keep their distance either…


Ever wonder why Kushner has made so many trips to SA this year? Or didn’t you know. :blush:


But of course YOU did… and just didn’t share … you probably knew that he was hip deep with Hillary too in a bit of campaign finance shenanigans … in that regard I am sure you would hold your tongue…


Not really, that is how dictatorships behave. What’s odd to me is that Americans tolerate our government mainting one dictatorship as ally and attacking another. In so many ways Hussein’s Iraq was superior to SA. Women had greater freedom and being a purely secular government, university was legit and people came from countries all around the ME to go to school there.

Historically, Iraqi women and girls have enjoyed relatively more rights than many of their counterparts in the Middle East. The Iraqi Provisional Constitution (drafted in 1970) formally guaranteed equal rights to women and other laws specifically ensured their right to vote, attend school, run for political office, and own property. Yet, since the 1991 Gulf War, the position of women within Iraqi society has deteriorated rapidly. HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

So much for America being the defender of human rights, democracy and equal protections. :roll_eyes:


Expect a purge with the coming of the new king. Might trigger a war.