Mayor Pete Buttplug Attacks Christianity at Democrat Presidential Debates - Crowd Cheers

Sodomite can’t even run a medium sized town most people haven’t even heard of. But wants to run America. His father was even a proud Marxist. Thank God his chances of being elected are between slim and not at all.


I think he is a strong contender for the VP slot. In the world of the DNC failure at your job doesn’t matter. I think sometimes it’s actually a badge of honor.


I think them bringing up his police racial fiasco and his terrible response removes him from consideration, but they could still want a ticket with a homo as well as a Black Indian with a Jew husband, even if he’s white and figuratively sucks as much he does literally.

Anyhow, I don’t tell Buttplug how to suck cock (or buttfuck, I forget if he pitches or catches) so he shouldn’t opine on how I should be a Christian.

I also found it strange that an openly gay man was lecturing people on how to live a Christian life.


I’ve got to agree with this. He is running a small town and straight up said he failed and that he sucks…but we should trust him with way more responsibility.