McCain votes no on “Skinny” repeal, defeats bill


Watching clips this morning on MSNBC showing the Senate vote from last night, as McCain provided the 51st vote against the “Skinny” repeal. He joined Collins and Murkowski as the three GOP no votes.

After McCain cast his vote, Pence left the chamber, essentially conceding defeat. He was apparently hanging around to see if he was needed for the 51st vote.



Did you see McConnell’s tantrum in the well of the senate? If not here it is - tears of impotent rage, mostly. It’s pretty obvious that he didn’t expect that McCain was going to shank him like that. To be fair, I was pretty sure McCain wasn’t going to shank him like that either, but I’m so glad he did. McConnell was oh so upset.


He blamed the Dems for being "obstructionist "…(I know! Right?)

Oh yeah… he tossed out a few quips about socialized medicine and European-style health care. “Is that what you want?!”


Yes. Yes I do. Is that available too? Because I’ll take that, thanks.


Among friends, I usually criticize Democrats for not ripping the face off the Republicans when they have the chance.

But in this case, I think Shumer’s reaction was perfect. He made McConnell look small and bitter. Even somewhat pathetic.

I wonder if this is what Republicans had in mind when they were chanting to “Make America Great Again” - I’m so glad the Democrats and three Republicans were able to be the adults in the room last night. Someone needs to govern this country and I am glad that a small contingent of Democrats are still able to do that effectively despite being outnumbered by incompetent Republicans.


I’m sure it is… OPM is a powerful incentive when their is no skin off your own back. Currently the NHS has some 36000 open positions of which over 1/3rd are nursing position. For years the NHS as imported trained staff from countries like India and Nigeria… Well, people in the UK have stopped studying and fewer nurses are attracted to the UK because the UK can’t even afford a pay rise for its junior doctors… you will soon get what you wish for…


Apples and oranges. The UK is a fraction of the size of the United States and just because they have not instituted single payer as well as they could have does not mean we can’t be like the countries that have. You’ve gone native. You don’t understand what health care in this country is like because you benefit from single payer in another country and you don’t have to deal with anything that most Americans are experiencing who don’t have the option of becoming an expat.


Data points. My wife follows up for her company about employee health costs in the various States in which they reside.

Just in, Washington State up 22%.

My wife and I have a policy here in Jersey that costs the employer 24,000 a year.

My son who lives in North Carolina where they are down to one carrier. His health care for a young family costs more than his mortgage.

Thank you John McCain.


Telephone Numbers for the traitors:

McCain DC: 202-224-2235 - Phoenix: 602-952-2410
Collins DC: 202-224-2523 call before 4pm.
Murkowski DC: 202-224-6665

Oh and the people of Arizona, I hope you get what you deserve for sending this traitor back to the Senate.


This is actually great news, since Arizona voted for McCain and he is giving them exactly what they wanted. Any time any pro-Obamacare state is crushed by premiums and their citizens die, I am happy.


John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and the rest of the Democrats must be feeling ELATION that more American blood is on their hands.


I’d like the see Obamacare repeal tabled for now. Let’s use mid-term elections to build up our “true” base to ensure votes needed for repeal and other actions. McCain, Murkowski, Collins, etc. are killing us right now. It’ll take some patience, but will make us stronger in the end.


I did and I have… I most certainly haven’t missed out on the many years where government intervention has created most of the market based cost rises… or for that matter where Obamacare has closed down a multitude of small community hospitals because they couldn’t comply any more than the last charity hospital in New Orleans has. Those things have not escaped me but they do seem to have escaped the dialog over the true cost of health care.

You are correct, the UK and the US with respect to size are indeed apples and oranges… much to the determent of the US. Someone else once commented on why the US didn’t have the high speed internet of other countries like SKorea … size matters and when you need reasonable ambulatory care spread equally and amicably across the US, you have a huge and might I add expensive logistical and infrastructure problem not to mention staffing… Of course the lefts answer to that is to kill all of the people in the fly over, in line with Agenda 21.

By the way, a guy I know went to the doctor recently because of complaints about his throat, swallowing etc. He was given a referral for an upper GI as a preliminary. He said that his GP had made that referral as urgent because the problems had persisted for some time… He told my the other day that his referral date was in Nov… and that is with a small geographical area and the longest serving single payer system on the planet…

When you say ‘instituted as well as they could have’ you mean what exactly… NHS is THE single largest budget item and all you got is… raise taxes…


They are blinded by the myth that somehow the government, providing the most personal and sensitive services on Earth, is a good thing. I can’t even get my trash picked up consistently since my local government ended their contract with a private company.


It wasn’t McCain.

It wasn’t Collins.

It wasn’t Murkowski.

It wasn’t the Democrats.

It was the GOP’s inability to use the time they had to craft real legislation. It was the GOP’s inability to cooperate within their ranks.

The GOP is a mess. Maybe even more than the Dems.


And all they have to do is figure out how to make it fiscally sustainable, make insurers want to sell insurance in the ACA.


I’m sure the part where a doctor refuses you treatment will also be ok. Probably as long as your not paying for it.


Probably not more of a mess, just a different kind of a mess.


They never get it.

After the Charlie Gard fiasco, they still don’t get it.

After all the information on waits, they ignore out.


And his fatass daughter was whining all year long about the premiums being 110% HIGHER last year and projected to increase another triple digit this year . Too bad they didn’t operate of John’s brain ! What a dip shit Arizona deserves that moron . Who the hell speaks English there anymore ? Mc Cain wants to make sure all the dead beats get free healthcare and those that work pay big time . What a RAT !