Me Thinks The Press Doth Protest To Much


I have to wonder… Who are they trying to convince… Us… or Themselves.

“I hope it would educate readers to realize that an attack on the First Amendment is unacceptable,’’ said Pritchard. “We are a free and independent press, it is one of the most sacred principles enshrined in the Constitution.’’

I don’t see the main stream media defending the conservative voice and the First Amendment when they fail to focus on what social media is doing to freedom of speech. I don’t see them calling for calling social media a public utility because they have overstepped the mark in controlling political discussion in this country as a matter of fact, the only mention in the main stream media about social media cleansing is over ‘Fake News’… Funny, I didn’t know the words of predominate political commentators and indeed political figures were fake news…

No… I think the truth hurts and the are not happy being called out for their own deficiency…


It isn’t confined to the media, but it does befuddle me what goes on the minds of those who consider themselves Alpha Intellectuals who need to spend all day coming up with new ways to portray themselves as victims. Trump won because our modern culture is hinged on trolling, and he is the leader of the pack. There is no war of words when nobody hears a single thing the other side says.


As far as I can tell, the left have used political correctness and ‘hate speech’ to shut down otherwise reasonable conversations for decades. Its not talking past each other when the only response you get from the left, regardless the subject or what it is discussed is… Hater, bigot, racist, phobic this and heartless that. At some point you get tired of being shouted down and you get a voice… and the louder your voice gets the shriller the voice of the left.

For decades the right has wanted to have a reasonable discussion about, for instance, the failure of the Great Society programs. The left immediately hold up their premade placards which say ‘We Will Never Go Back’ and start denying the many failures of the program… and of course the cure to any failures isn’t the design or concept but the lack of money… always more money.

Take abortion… my religious beliefs aside, I believe that in our constitutional republic, abortion should not be illegal… I do have a huge problem with the use of abortion to cure a weekend gone wrong… getting pregnant was a choice… but to bring up any kind of moral restrain… to bring up sanctity of life issues is to seen feminists into a tizzy and they dawn their abortion pride t-shirts that say … ‘I killed the parasite in me and I am glad’…

As for your comment about the war of words… I’m not so sure lately that the left have much to say except … Hater, bigot, racist, phobic this and heartless that … and of course ban this, censure that and control the other… If Trump won because he was a better troll… that explains that armwaving of the left has they have been knocked off the throne…


The left believes the Constitution applies them and only them , and free speech means you must agree with them , or be silenced ! The main stream media is an embarrassment to free speech and the principles of our Constitution .


Trump won for two main reasons:

1 He speaks plainly to the American ideals.

2 His opponent was Hillary Clinton, known to be the worst Presidential candidate in modern history.

He is not attacking the 1st amendment. He believes in a free press.

He has a right to attack a biased press, their lies, their biased coverage (and non-coverage) that is based on the political inclinations of the owners…and so do we.

Though I don’t agree with all of his tweets, he successfully uses Twitter to bypass the dishonest, biased FAKE NEWS media and get his message out in unredacted form and without its being paraphrased by idiots.

Freedom of the press is alive and well. Freedom of lying by the press is being exposed…as it should be.


Oh dear, another EVERYTHINGS the fault of progressive liberals!! Dude, the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, there is none good, no not one, STOP acting like conservative Republicans shit don’t stink. Your America is history…


Why did you spew such opinionated unsubstantial Propaganda? Can’t you win an argument debateing merit? Facts?
You lose credibility slandering people.


Hey bitch trump won, your side lost hahahha


Its not all the left, just the DNC left. Part of the reason their party isn’t polling above 50% nationally for the midterms is that they have alienated the rest of us. It will get worse as the election nears and people are frantic they might get their blue wave. I won’t be voting for any of their stable. Since there are no Greens on the ballot in my races, I guess I will be straight ticket voting the Libertarians or not voting. Not sure which at this point.


Hum… seems to me most of the rock throwing, police car burning, public speaker interrupting thugs come from the Bernie Sanders faction that were shanked by the DNC… Now while that faction seems to have won the day in the DNC hierarchy today… the same old press is giving all of their bad behavior a pass because at the end of the day… the left is the left and progressive ideology transcends reasoned discussion… and has for decades. While a protest vote with the libertarians is in interesting one, they lost me with their desire for unilateral open borders and a vacuum creating withdrawal of US forces from around the world… scary.


Until the DNC shows they are capable and ready to lead in a principled fashion, I won’t vote for them. I almost never vote for the GOP, so it is how I keep my registration active biding time for the day when they accidentally discover someone worth supporting. I vote for the Greens when given the chance, but that is usually only in Presidential election years.