Meanwhile, our wonderful women's Olympic skating outfits



Most of the teams that I saw had this feature on their uniforms. They make it seem like only the US women had this. I think it was to reduce friction. Makes sense to me.


Friction reduction fabric, fine, could have been black like the rest of the uniform.


Just a bunch of PRUDES with nothing more important to talk about. I guess they’ve never been to the beach. What did they do, cover their children’s eyes or turn.on a different channel???. That’s better than explaining to them about the reason for the patches . So much for talking to our children, we just repress them more.


If you read the article you’d know why it couldn’t be the same color.


That’s why I stick to watching ladies figure skating.


I read their excuse and called bs on it.


Always something to bitch about in our political correct society.

Did you see the fronts were unzipped a bit far???


What " Normal Man" wouldn’t. watch the ice skating events and Fantacise about the women .


I agree with you monte. This crotch shot was a TV camera magnet. Fuck them if they think we are prudes. I wouldn’t let my daughter wear such a disgraceful outfit. For Christs sake this was the Olympics, one of the most world wide watched events on the planet.

We just convicted a “Doctor” who fingered hundreds of young girl Olympic gymnasts. Now this.

We can’t win medals but we can feature twat. Fucking classless bastards.


Well I guess female figure skaters should wear pantsuits on the ice because of some “Leacherous” cameraman.Or only allow “non-photogenic” female skaters.


Let’s just embroider a penis on the front of the men’s hockey team uniforms.

Kids watch the fucking Olympics. For what reason I do not know.


And of course if ‘test results’ prove that you can get another 2/100ths of a second advantage by skating nude and tattooing USA on you butt… that too should be perfectly fine. The US speed skated team in total managed 1 silver and 1 bronze… no other team skating uniform made such a glaring focus of the crouch… the of course no other team has team members that went around yelling ‘We’re Gay and were here to say’… and of course no other country’s media sucked up to the sister of a dictator… Yep, its cool to push boundaries… the relative moralist world is just wonderful.


And it doesn’t;t make a wit of difference only to those who are easily offended by the uniform and Fruit Loops.

As a side note, why hasn’t the media jumped on Fruit Loops yet?


It’s gotten so bad that even you LouMan can’t recognize the self degradation of the West. Put genitalia on public display in one breath, promote abortion in the next. No womder the Islamic fundamentalists are gaining a leg up.


Oh please.

Many of the outfits in skating were skin tight leaving nothing to the imagination not to mention the skimpy outfits that the women wore.

The blatant hair of one of the announcers was beyond over done in NBC’s display of gay pride.

As a side note, I pretty much am disgusted by the broadcast media.

Have you watched Wonder Woman? Offended? Spiderman, offended? Superman?

Like football you get to choose, watch or don’t watch.


I chose not to watch. I walked into a bar and peered straight into a skaters twat.

But that’s just me. Go ahead and enjoy the circus Caligula.


Sorry you were so offended.

I chose to not watch 90% of the laughable olympics. The issues for me are a bit different, the governments non sponsorship of athletes while other countries pay their athletes is beyond skewing the quality of athletic competition.

I do cheer NBC’s 12 million dollar purchase and people just saying no to watching. Hopefully NBC will be forced into bankruptcy in their quest for pushing their politically correct agenda.



Auh the Department of National Athletics… I get it now…


I don’t support government intervention but with paid professionals like in other countries, it is difficult for Americans to compete.

Mens hockey is the perfect example. The NFL refused to reschedule games so our paid professionals were unable to complete and it clearly was evident in their performance.