Meanwhile, our wonderful women's Olympic skating outfits


Of course the road to this point was a slippery slope and the pushing of boundaries by Hollywood… a major turn was Rowan and Martin’s laughing of the late 60’s and goldie hawn appearing on national tv in a bikini… I remember the seeming shock of the first murder reported on national news.


We talk about the events in Florida… we talk about mental illness… we talk about feeding our kids psychotic drugs… we even skirt the issue of values… but we never seem to understand just what happened to make our society so dysfunctional that suicide is the second highest cause of death among teens…or why manufactures even feel that their is a market for thongs for prepubescent girls…


I find it amazing that women, children will wear tights with minimal undergarments in public which makes the olympic wear seem rather inconsequential.


What men or women wear in public is their business as long as they meet the local codes for lewdness.

What women skaters wear when they represent 340 Million Americans in the worlds biggest sporting event is another story.


Everyone has their opinion however it’s your opinion.

Women skaters represent themselves, period.

They skate for the US but skate for themselves and as long as what they wear meet laws for lewdness they like your daughter can wear what they like.

You cannot impose your morals for abortion, smoking dope, drugs on this society nor can you impose your morals for what an ice skater can or cannot wear.


We both know the IOC approved the uniforms not the skaters. Just as they employed the gymnast coaches who endorsed the so called doctor who fingered hundreds of little girls.

Under Armor was happy to provide these obscene designs to create controversy to promote their brand. Congratulations.

This is not one specific instance. A wholesale housecleaning is in order. This PC idea that boys and girls can wear whatever shit they fucking are told to wear is ludicrous.


There are few boys and girls, for the most part they are adults.

A few under 18 but not many.