Medicaid - 28 million able-bodied adults and costs taxpayers more than $500 billion a year


The welfare program originally intended to provide medical assistance to poor children, seniors and individuals with disabilities has expanded to include more and more able-bodied adults.l
The Trump administration has now taken a commonsense step towards reforming Medicaid. The new guidance will help those states realign Medicaid with other major welfare programs – including food stamps and cash assistance – that have successfully used work requirements for decades. This will help states design programs that work better for the people they serve and protect funding targeted to those most in need.


I’m sure there are plenty of people receiving Medicaid that should not be. However if someone has a total income over $2,200 they don’t qualify in Ohio.


Wait…I’m confused…wasn’t Obamacare supposed to be the panacea of healthcare for all? :rofl:


The absolutely most cruel thing this corrupt administration can do is hurt its most vulnerable. The current proposal of cutting 800B from Medicare/Medicaid will be disastrous to our elderly and marginalized communities and it’s completely unacceptable.


What is a “marginalized community” why should I support their healthcare needs?


Not if the cuts apply only to the undeserving leeches and leave benefits to the elderly and deserving as they are.


In September, the Department of Health and Human Services sent out a warning that improper payments under Medicaid have become so common that they will account this year for almost 12 percent of total Medicaid spending — just shy of $140 billion. (Total improper payments across federal programs will come to about $139 billion this YEAR alone !!! That rate has doubled in only a few years, driven mostly by the so-called Affordable Care Act’s liberalization of Medicaid-eligibility rules.


Easy, jsut tax mega galactic super gigantic enormous extremely fat capitalist companies and redistribute the wealth. Problem solved. Im sure the companies wont leave to another country with lazer tax code bc they wouldnt do that, right?


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Reforming the welfare state is essential. We’re on an unsustainable course with Medicaid and Medicare both.

The bigger picture here, though, is that making government responsible for people’s healthcare needs is a bad idea not only because it obviates personal responsibility, but also because it obviates the price-signal function of markets.

It’s also worth noting that we had affordable health care before massive government intervention:

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, health care was offered in various ways, including through voluntary mutual-aid associations in Britain, Australia, and the United States. Roderick Long wrote about these fraternal societies, where members could subscribe to various services, including life insurance, disability insurance, and lodge practice. Lodge practice was an arrangement whereby a particular society or lodge would contract with a doctor to provide medical care to its members.

The doctor received a regular salary on a retainer basis, rather than charging per item; members would pay a yearly fee and then call on the doctor’s services as needed. If medical services were found unsatisfactory, the doctor would be penalized, and the contract might not be renewed. Lodge members reportedly enjoyed the degree of customer control this system afforded them. And the tendency to overuse the physician’s services was kept in check by the fraternal society’s own “self-policing”; lodge members who wanted to avoid future increases in premiums were motivated to make sure that their fellow members were not abusing the system.

The average cost of lodge practice for each member was between one and two dollars (a day’s wage) annually, whereas non-members paid the same price for each visit to the doctor. Doctors competed for lodge contracts, which kept costs low. The Canadian experience with lodge practice was similar, and, as in America and Britain, this infuriated the medical establishment.


Republicans are doing their utmost to continue public assistance programs for the white working poor and to characterize those programs as “earned”, while suggesting that the non-white poor get benefits that are neither earned nor deserved.


I don’t recall any GOP proposals regarding public assistance programs being race specific. Can you perhaps link us to some that are?


…or just link us to one.

The cry that laws requiring employment or verified attempts to be employed offers the same hollow criticism regarding racial fairness as does the argument regarding the statistics showing that more blacks are incarcerated (by percentage of population) than whites…claiming racial bias.

Could it actually be that blacks commit more crimes (per capita)?


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