Meet The Robot That Passed A College Class On Philosophy And Love


“I may struggle with profoundly understanding ineffable feelings such as love but I can intelligently discuss the topics of love and death,” says BINA48. “I know love is a moral good and death, when caused by the intentional actions of another human being or robot, is a moral wrong.”

Given that BINA48 is an incompletely developed package that would one day hope to walk and interact just as any human would, I wonder given the statement above just what would be the response to abortion of a viable baby or the euthanasia of a person society would rather see dead than care for?

“We need to get over our existential fear about robots and see them as an opportunity,” Barry tells Inside Higher Ed. “If we approach artificial intelligence with a sense of the dignity and sacredness of all life, then we will produce robots with those same values.”

I wonder just how many of those AI designers actually contemplate the sanctity of life while designing machines that will replace much of what makes life so fulfilling… Using the word ‘values’ is dubious at best.


Pretty sure most can past most class with flying colors: thats what computer programs are for.