Merry Christmas!


#Merry Christmas Politiforum Community!

I hope that all of you are spending time with family and friends on this beautiful Christmas Day and that everyone is in good health and good spirits.

I’m in the Hudson Valley of New York right now and did a seven fish dinner last night for Christmas Eve with my family. The picture directly above is my view of the Hudson River from West Point. I will be heading to NJ this afternoon to spend Christmas day with my wife’s family.

I’m sure that most of you won’t see this until after Christmas but please feel free to share any interesting gifts or experiences that you had. My wife got me this as a gag gift and it gave me a really good laugh.



Merry Christmas Patriot. Thanks for all you do. Wife and I will be traveling to daughters home in Hopewell NJ for family gathering later this afternoon. Forwarded your Chia Trump to the wife who is a big The Donald supporter :smile:

Good Cheer to all!


Merry Christmas everyone! Took the entire family and one lucky guest (daughter’s boyfriend :rage:) to the Florida Keys. If you have never gone to the Keys for Christmas…DO IT.


Merry Christmas everyone - 30 minutes in and my liberal inlaws are spouting left-wing conspiracies about Trump and his forthcoming dictatorship.


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!


Great thread @Patriot thank you for reminding us how fortunate we are in this great country!

Loved the first two pictures!

Joining in to wish all our PF Family Merry Christmas! First Day of Chanukah! or, just a nice 3 day (hopefully) weekend to enjoy the season and company of good people that fill us with joy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


I’m thinking you must have mislaid my invitation.

s’ok…we’ll catch up next year!

who are these intelligent in-laws of which you speak?

Merry Christmas!