Message to Baltimore police - DON'T DO YOUR JOB!


Ms. Gaines, 23, had a shotgun and had pointed it at an officer during the confrontation. In the fall of 2016, the Baltimore County State Attorney’s Office announced that it had completed its review of the shooting and had determined that it had been justified, and that criminal charges were not warranted.
Yet a jury awards $38,000,000 of taxpayer dollars to “send a message” to police around the Country ! So what exactly is that message ? Just how much more can the taxpayers and businesses in Baltimore take ??? Are juries there out of hand ?


38 Million Dollars for raising a disrespectful criminal who threatened a police officer with a shotgun. If I had the money, I’d give each Baltimore police officer enough money so they wouldn’t have to work another day in their lives…if they agreed to all quit their jobs on the same day at the same time. That would send a message to criminal coddling politicians all across the country.


At the rate that Baltimore is handing out multimillion-dollar settlements to the families of criminals it won’t be long before they go the way of Detroit…and there aren’t any police left because there’s no money left to pay them.


If the whites haven’t moved out yet shame on them . Next we will hear crime is on the rise because police don’t want to get involved in multi- million dollar lawsuits . :roll_eyes:


This jury must be made up of the same people that acquitted OJ . What a magnificent group of Intellectual people.
Now for the Important question. Was the accused cop white or black . He should have received the$38 million dollars for his actions.


My only regret is that the officer who shot her waited so long to kill the feral bitch. She used her child as a human shield and aimed her weapon at officers for FIVE hours. They gave that thing a chance, now they are under attack.


A reason black neighborhoods are riddled with crimes is bc polices hesitate to do their job. This is just another bullet in the black community’s feet. Good going.

Also, another single mom of two dressing up as the thot that she was, at the tender age of 23, waving a shotgun at the cop. Sht must be the national treasure. The nation weeps for her.


A massage to people in Baltimore.

Nothing here to see, just move on, out of the city, out of the state.


With black juries it is about “payback” for slavery and nothing to do with the case at hand !!! :roll_eyes:


Giant corporations and a Sodom and Gomorrah nightlife in NYC are what keep it alive- oh, and taxing the daylights out of the rest of the state… For the other cities, Urban decay has reached the tipping point where grievance culture, victimhood culture, ‘reparations’ culture, dependence culture and dysfunctional gratification have crowded out whatever good was in the Black community.

In the early 90’s Baltimore had a syphilis epidemic that was the result of inadequate staffing of free clinics that allowed the spread to grow exponentially. The dysfunctional behaviors that comprised the local ‘culture’ were not remedied by the ‘gubmint’, and so, mushroomed.

Baltimore was once, according to the ad jingle "the land of pleasant living, and National Beer.’ It will never be again, human culture has been taken over by feral dysfunction. Baltimore will always be democratic, and like other urban places, will slide into another Detroit level hellscape.


So a welfare thot points a shotgun at police and gets wasted. Such a loss. Imagine how many more welfare checks she could have made if only she had lived.


You make very good points. When civilization is replaced by feral criminality and indolence, all enabled by the welfare state… well, then the resulting civilizational tumor should really be excised, preferably with a nuclear strike. (A man can dream).


Good point, this speaks to the outcome of the OJ trial back in the day.


Careful, LM has tender ears and can’t stand profanity.


Which the fat ass TIC is a huge contributor of.


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