Mexican illegal immigrant who has been removed from the US SEVEN times had 'drunk 12 beers and was driving at 100mph' when he crashed his van and killed a father-of-three


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I got lost on that City-Data thread you posted.

I only spent two years out there but one thing that i noticed was that the hispanics who were second generation were generally autistic. They were always chest pumping about Mexico. Or I should say, Meh-HE-co. It didn’t make any sense to me. Their parents probably crawled through shit Shawshank style to get here all so their neanderthal offspring could jump around screaming Meh-HE-co and act like manlet thugs. Mind boggling indeed. The people I met in San Diego seemed to accept that the Mexicans were there but they acknowledged that most “went home” back across the border after their work day ended. After I heard that I started noticing Mexican license plates in parking lots.


First gens like myself probably saw what went on in their homelands, also legal immigrants are usually well-off people as well so they are the creme de la creme of its homeland so to speak, and they are self-conscious enough to know WHY they immigrate here in the first place, as I and my family do.

Second gen usually are pampered and in a cultural vacuum that is the US, they cling to whatever identity they can to socialize, same with the lgbtqrstuvwsyz+ indentity politics (pick a card, any card). And naturally in a liberal state, it goes down hill from there. Dont get me wrong, their heart is in the right place, just not their head.


What country did you come here from? I can’t speak for the immigrant experience because I was lucky enough to hit the birth lottery here in the US, but I understand what you mean. People who have gone through the process legally paid a ton of money and don’t want to do anything to screw up their presence here. That makes sense to me. It’s the second generation stuff that I don’t get. But then again, I think the US is probably one of the few places where everyone talks about their ethnicity since no one is actually a native. So the second generation kids might be doing the same thing…but the volume is up too loud.


Vietnam. And dont get me wrong, the “welfare queen” phenomenon is not jsut exclusive to hispanics and blacks. Vietnamese population in ehtinic slumps in San Jose, CA and other places also suffer the same fate i.e. people abusing the system, and otherwise dont work or work below their means to get that gib me tat.

And they all want free stuff i.e. free healthcare and colleges this past election. Commufornia was PRETTY mad their burnout comradski lost the presidentail bid i.e. sold out to Hillary. Oh well, Sanders vs Trump would be a cake walk for team maga anyway.


Nice. You like Pho? I had it for the first time a few weeks ago and I eat it for breakfast now. I don’t put any sauces in it though. Just the broth, noodles, meat, and whatever veggies I feel like adding to it. It’s great after a night of drinking.

There is an entire culture of gibs in this country and it doesn’t discriminate based on race. Although blacks are in the lead. There are plenty of whites abusing the system too. Just go to Philadelphia and stand there. You’ll see plenty of them. The place is gross. I’m living in Stamford, CT now. It’s here too but not as bad as in other areas of CT - like Hartford. Everyone just wants free shit. But when you see how the people live who are getting free shit…it should make every sane person think twice.


Yes, cut back and eliminate. Our family was on it too for a bit (mostly the medicare) but the paperwork and phone calls are enough to make you go insane. Its in the culture, and we were no fond of it, hence the determination to skip ahead.

Cut back and eliminate wewlfare programs. Hungry people will put their butts to work.

About Pho, lol our families make them. Taste better that way <3.