Mexico Vows to Take Back Texas and California if Trump Wins


This made me laugh. Let them take Commiefornia. No one would care about that and then all of those West Coast nu-male cucks can enjoy watching their wives, girlfriends, and lesbian friends get “culturally enriched” by Mexicans 24/7. I hope that happens.

Texas is another story. Texas would slash and burn Mexico and leave no survivors. It would literally be the end of Mexico. If I were Mexico I would not even play around with language that even mentioned Texas. There are a sizable number of Texans that want to become independent from the USA. Think what they would do if Mexican authorities actually threatened them and American authorities did nothing. Just the threat would cause the end of Mexico.

The bill establishes that, should the United States decide not to honor its obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreeement (NAFTA), the Mexican Senate would proceed to review all of the 75 treaties that Mexico has with its northern neighbor. These begin with the territories ceded by Mexico in 1848 and extend to security cooperation agreements since 2001.


Mexico may have confirmed the action, but Texas had already seceded from Mexico in 1848 and joined the US. Mexico isn’t very well versed in its own history it seems.


For the love of God I hope they try this.

Step 1. Declare war on Mexico
Step 2. Use war powers to detain all people of Mexican descent
Step 3. Annex Mexico
Step 4. Deport all Mexicans to South American countries and arm twist their governments into accepting them as refugees
Step 5. Colonize new land
Step 6. Analyze new target
Step 7. Repeat


Let’s be honest.

The wall would be built out of dead Mexicans, if they tried to touch Texas. California is about ninety percent Mexican, outside of silicon valley, anyway and the other ten percent are liberals. But thanks Mexico, for giving more reasons to vote Trump!



The wall just got 10 feet higher!


What a joke. Mexico can’t even do anything about their own drug cartels yet they think they can intimidate the United States? Please. We here in Arizona have been waiting for the day we can stomp the hell out of Mexico for a long time. Even the people who are American citizens of Mexican heritage can’t stand the country of Mexico. They still celebrate their Mexican culture, but they hate Mexico.


they think they can intimidate the United States

No but they can intimidate Obama.


Mexico won’t learn anything through fairness, tolerance, and understanding. They need to be taught a lesson. Pain and suffering is all they understand. I say let’s increase it. With threats like these Trump should bleed their economy dry, cancel all trade deals, and sanction them into non-existence. Oh, and if they try to get past the wall…shoot them.


As a 4th and a half generation Texan… I’m thinking - Remember the Damned Alamo (and remember Ft Hood is just up the road)


Agreed. On his first day in office Trump should suspend all trade deals with Mexico, declare their diplomats to be persona-non-grata, deploy the National Guard to the southern border, and begin laying the first bricks of the wall that Mexico will pay for. We need to hurt this pompous shithole country once and for all.


Paying for border security/Wall is easy.

Use the millions we send to Mexico and every central American country that dumps their citizens in the US.