Mexico's Immigration Law

Mexico’s Immigration Law: Let’s Try It Here at Home

and in the US we have the keystone cops in Congress making our stupid border “laws”

I’m sure our Libs would say, well, that’s different.

and then proceed to NOT tell us one thing to support that say-nothing assertion

they are so tiresome… sigh

When, Lord, when…?

(that’s kind of in the Bible… Revelation…)

So much for their immigration law as caravans march through their country.

why didn’t the Mexicans arrest these people?

didn’t they crash the border into MX?

Because they weren’t planning to stay.

A good proposal I heard for paying for “The Wall” would be to simply reduce our foreign aid to the countries wer’e having the most problem with to such a level as to pay for the construction, maintenance, and staffing increases necessary to secure the border.

Add to that a tax on all remittances sent to non US citizens in the countries to our south of say 25% and we’d have far more money to work with than is needed.

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