Mike Tyson Calls Syrian Refugees Cowards


Legendary boxer Mike Tyson made it clear he’s not a fan of Syrians fleeing the country.

The “Mike Tyson: Bite the Mic with Peter Rosenberg” podcast discussed the topic of Muslims in Syria and President Donald Trump’s refugee policy on Monday, and the convicted rapist didn’t hold back.

“Mike, if you were still Muslim he would not want you in the country,” Rosenberg claimed. It didn’t take Tyson long to fire back at Rosenberg’s assertion.

“I am Muslim and I’m in the country……If I was in Syria I wouldn’t be here. I’d be fighting in the war. I wouldn’t be a coward trying to leave. I’d be fighting for my country,” Tyson fired back.

Convicted felons are barred from serving in the United States military, so Tyson would never be allowed to fight for this country.

It’s unclear what Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and his military’s stance are on the enlistment of convicted rapists, but perhaps Tyson could find a place over there to fight.

The Trump administration also heavily restricts refugees currently trying to come to America.


He’s absolutely correct.

Globalists sold a lie to their liberal sheep. These were innocent “women and children” in need of the safety and protection of the West. Then millions of able bodied men flooded into Europe and Obama did his part to bring in as many as he could without setting off the alarms before the election (a calculated move, but ultimately meaningless). The media did their part too. Constantly shilling the normalization of Islam, showing a drowned child on the beach, and another in one in the back of an ambulance. What they didn’t show were the thousands of rapes, murders, sexual assaults of children, acid attacks, stabbings, and beatings. Maybe we too are cowards for not standing up for ourselves to these third world nobodies destroying our civilizations.


They are cowards. They want to come here and to places in Europe to live off the hard work of our forefathers and expect us to be subservient to them. Then our fellow countrymen who get sucked into believing all of the crap that is getting shoved down their throats spit it back at us. We do need to put an end to this.


If a population leaves a country how will it ever recover?

It’s almost guaranteed that people leaving claiming refugee status will likely never return to their home country when things settle. How will the country ever settle?


It won’t.

That’s why we need to be strong as a country. We can’t let what is happening in Europe happen here. It freaks me out. I have always wanted to travel there and now I feel like the whole place is ruined because these stupid politicians had to adopt these open border policies. I wouldn’t feel safe walking around there and I am starting to feel less safe walking around here. We shouldn’t grant refugee status, but if we do once the country goes back to normal they have togo back.