Mitch McConnell and DACA


So the Senate is supposed to start debating DACA.

But the GOP really doesn’t want the debate, so beginning the debate gets mired in procedural hurdles.

Around midnight the GOP said, more or less: “wanna talk? Vote on ending aid to sanctuary cities.”


Jesus, I really wish Mitch would just drop dead.


On DACA, McConnell is completely untrustworthy. Why any Democrat would have believed his promise to bring a DACA bill to a vote is beyond me.


You and the entire country.

In that we are in agreement. when you add Ryan, Schumer and Pelosi to the list.

The immigration issue is far more complex than the left and the right tend to make it out to be.

The sad part is that Americans as generally uninformed and take the party line and that’s their opinion.

Unfortunately we will end up with a one size fits all taking the good and the bad in a solution instead f taking just the good.

Why should the mommy and daddy who created this problem be given citizenship via chain migration if they don’t end it???


Actually if we actually could see the back side of Mitch and Ryan, Republicans would then fight for a truly good immigration bill, not just a staged rewash of 1986. The leadership is far to dependent on chamber money… as are all the democrats…


McConnell is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. I’m surprised you don’t support him.


The best thing that can happen is the Supreme Court declares DACA unconstitutional and the mass deportation begin ASAP ! When you break the law the courts are NOT suppose to reward you for your crime . If you haven’t committed a crime , you can’t get amnesty !!! :roll_eyes:


The interesting thing about DACA is it is an executive order and the judge pretends it’s a law.