Mitt is running


It was my humor about Mitt running for the border. In my “Humble” opinion, the SOD should be a person that speaks directly that’s there isn’t a chance of being misquoted and has an authoritative personality to show all concerned that the U.S. is dealing from strength and not weakness.


And that would be Jim Mattis who certainly can’t be accused of not speaking plain and tough. But the SOS is the position of top diplomat and naturally has a different approach. Rex Tillerson and Mit Romney both good for the position.


"Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world, Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion,” he said.

Do note the two key words in that sentence. The US brings in more LEGAL immigrants than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Of course the point of this post and others like it is to obfuscate the word LEGAL with the word ILLEGAL which got Trump Elected… Romney won’t get much traction if he pushes broad based amnesty… democrats and the establishment republicans have yet to fully understand what happened in Nov. of 2016…


Seems like you are much more inclined to like the establishment center than anything that looks different… perhaps your admonishments for Republicans to ‘do something different’ is only meant to move Conservatives away from their love of our country and the Legals who inhabit it.


I would much rather have former UN Ambassador John Bolton Sec as Sec of State than almost anyone else .


A rabid warmonger. No thanks. That will never happen.


John Bolton is a straight shooter and has a firm grip on the happens around the World , he knows the good guys from the bad and his analysis is spot on !!!.



I’m guessing CNN doesn’t approve ! :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


John Bolton wouldn’t let Any country Attempt to push America around especially Iran and NK. Thryll know from the start he won’t take any BS from them.
He’s not a warmonger and will set the Leftist media straight on his position so there isn’t any Misunderstanding.
I’m not opposed to Rex Tillerson but I believe he would’ve been a Better choice .
Almost anyone would be better than the last two Political Hacks or HAG


And neither of those countries have attempted to push America around, and they both utterly lack any ability to do so whatsoever.


Seems like those Towelheads in Tehran are doing a good job of it in Syria and in Gaza. Communist (Red) China does just enough to keep NK from becoming a Nuclear Wasteland .
John Bolton would bring more pressure on both countries to scale back their activities.


Ignoring the racism in that, Iran isn’t pushing the US around in Syria. Iran is defending its ally. When the US does that it’s noble, so y’all say…


Tehran’s Towelheads will use Syria as a base to launch missile attacks against Israel. This will make the MidEast more unstable than it is.


That simply is not true. Iran will not be attacking Israel.


Lol, nothing, NOTHING could make the ME more unstable than what Bush/Obama did to the region.


What’s the matter with trumpers, the TIC himself has endorsed MR. And bigger yet, MR swallowed his pride and accepted it. :joy::joy:



Whipping out those race cards again . Why are you silent on Joy Behar Christian faith to “mental illness” ? Typical liberal hypocrite ! shrug :roll_eyes:


Guess the fat TIC has sent his supporters to the corner on MR. :blush:


Snicker,snicker …