The leftist MSM now wants to deny the use of the word MOB in describing the liberal protesters currently attacking various representatives of the conservatives.

Just as the left wants to label itself as “progressive” rather than “liberal” as the word liberal has seemingly taken on derogatory connotations.

Now they want to preclude mobs being describe as “mobs” when their useful idiots do indeed revert to mob actions.

What part of this definition does NOT fit the current behavior of the leftist demonstrators?


The left of course stole the word ‘Liberal’ and redefined it. The then adopted the word and ‘ism’ of the progressive… That is rapidly loosing favor for something more closer to their real intent ‘Democratic Socialist’… of course when that is called out because democrats really do not care about democracy… they will settle on their true and honest identity… ‘Socialists’… and then we will know that they have aligned ideology with other socialist republics who aren’t shy about calling themselves communists…



Politics in the US is almost beginning to mirror third world countries. Mob culture, make believe ‘punch dialogues’, truth becoming fake and giving plum positions to family members. What next? The rest of the world looks on with pity and amusement.


Ask reporters covering Trumps Rallies…“WHO” is the REAL MOB? Plenty of footage of Trump Rallies of his INSTIGATING Mob Rule, and urging attacks on dissenters, and the Media! Calling the Free Press enemies of the People!!!


You are completely deluded. I have seen mainly the left trying to shut down free speech, block streets, invade debates. But please do provide the facts and data, I’d be happy t be proved factually wrong


Since when do Dems require facts to back up their justifications?


My experience has been that the Lefty, Libtard, Socialist Democrats never have any real facts or data, but it is only fair to request the data, in the unlikely event that one of them knows something based on facts and data :wink:


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat other people with the concern and kindness you would like them to show toward you. No one should rejoice in the suffering of those they hate and fear.


You liberal mobsters just can’t get it right.

President Trump favors freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

He despises FAKE NEWS…get it? FAKE NEWS!

When the press outright lies about whats’ happening, it’s definitely fake news.

When the press covers only news items that support the leftist cause and ignores stories that detract from leftist failures, unethical behavior and crimes, it’s fake news.

When Google, Facebook and Twitter filter their content and publish things that predominantly support the leftists causes, it’s fake news.

Learn the difference.


Remember the tea party? Strapped with guns at their rallies? Remember the Orange Orangutan’s rallies talking about beating up a man and offered to pay the man’s legal bills? It’s all on tape! The hypocrisy is overwhelming.


What are you not understanding? Loretta Lynch called for people to “take it to the streets” after the election. Maxine Waters incites violence against members of President Trump’s cabinet. Cory Booker pleads for activists to “get up in the faces of Republican congresspeople.” Hillary Clinton says “you cannot be civil with” Republicans. Now Eric Holder wants his left wing mob committing acts of physical violence.

Notice a pattern here?


I do. I went to countless Tea Party rallies. All were peaceful and we even cleaned up after ourselves. If you actually went to one you would know that there’s a huge difference between a peaceful assembly and mob violence! What is happening to people in Portland, in our Nation’s Capital, other large cities is insane! There are productive ways to do things. With civility and knowledge! Half the people out there “disrupting” don’t even know why.


Show me some footage of the Tea Party getting into other people’s faces and brandishing guns.

Show me some Tea Party members acting like total assholes, wearing masks, destroying property, banging on doors, screaming at patrons in elevators and restaurants, blocking doors at elevators…

Show me! Show me! Show me!

Anybody can type a fake claim into a post.

Grow some goddamned balls and behave like an honest man instead of a progressive wimp!


He was talking about angry mob members that snuck in to his events…


How is owning a gun mob violence? Lol it’s our bill of rights haha


You should get out more and learn about reality. I did ask for the data to support you assertions. Come on, pony up


Well this was expected after all the dems allowed the Mexican cartel to enter our Country and are allowed to vote in OUR elections with the drivers licenses issued by the very same corrupt party of resist .


I’m waiting for the first knock down drag out on the floor of the House…


I suppose this wasn’t Democrats trying to lynch a Jew?