Can you show me an example of those rallies translating into burned universities, over turned cop cars, bludgeoned supporters, elected officials being run out of establishments… No? … I didn’t think so.


And yet, no one from the Tea Party ever raised their firearm while ‘strapped with guns’ (constitutionally protected I think or they likely would have gotten arrested)… Have watched a liberal professor beat someone with whom he disagreed with a bike lock though… What did Obama say about knife fighting?

You guys are either deluded idiots or you just like to Blah… Blah… Blah people into submission with your bullshit.


Where is the footage of republican mobs attacking anyone on a small scale? Crickets… crickets…


This is the mob that stopped a FREE SPEECH RALLY in Boston. 4 people of color speakers!


I got a question @GIZO … Would you have called calling Americas First Black President a ’ Token Negro’… inflammatory? Would you have called it hateful… or racist… or bigoted?.. Seems to me that the left lets CNN get away with a lot of inflammatory comments…



I would legit pay Democrats to answer questions lol


You’d need to qualify that by ensuring the answer related to the subject of the question and insist that is was a fact or data based answer. These idiot can chat fact-less shit all day long and still say nothing of any worth


This forum is a great example of what happens to left wing democrats when you have free speech. They run and hide. It’s why for years they stayed hidden until big cities policed free speech


The Demorats have degenerated into a party that is instigating violence all over the country. We’ve seen mobs in Portland and at restaurants interfering with Republicans dining there.
A RETARD like Mad Maxine started the mob violence and shows how IGNORANT she is.CNN continues to deny that’s mob violence and only "dissatisfied voters " . Why do these COWARDS hide behind a mask??? Is there a warrant out for their ASS???
What excuse if some MENTALLY DERANGED person actually makes an assassination attempt and it becomes successful. Will CNN and the DEMORAT SOCIALISTS deny any culpability in it??? The answer is YES and the CNN propaganda machine will support them!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I remember that one. At one of Trump’s rallies, a bunch of lefties tried to disrupt it by yelling and screaming and needing to be dragged off. One of them flipped off everyone as he was being led out, and some guy who’d had enough took a swing at him. I’d contribute to his legal defense, too.

That’s the worst these lying liberals can come up with, no comparison at all to the mobs being stoked by the Democrats.


Democrats are a mob. They’re literally banging on the doors of the Supreme Court because they can’t get their way, insisting that men have no presumption of innocence, forming groups to harass people out of public places, suppressing free speech, and destroying the property of those who disagree with them.


Liberal mobs are the equivalent of a mob of apes high on meth with a mask and lead pipes…


It is weird how they all seem like drug addicts. The footage of people trying to claw their way in to the Supreme Court bugged me out.


All of this is an orchestrated distraction… They have pressed the Trump/Russia narrative to the point where it is coming back in their face. Big money cannot allow the focus to be on the people and events that contrived this conspiracy to defraud the American voter out of a duly elected president. The establishment members of this conspiracy are starting to turn on each other, are refusing to answer the hard questions before congress and are now pleading the fifth over what they knew and when they knew it. The globalists are losing the narrative and are using their socialist minions to deflect the story… The story and the guilty reside in Washington and their financiers are from all over the world.

As @BadHombre points out, it is some of the very people who are part of the crime that are calling for their gullible minions to take to the streets… Its not about democracy or law and order and its not as some minions think, about socialism… its all about covering the asses of a rather large criminal enterprise… The interesting thing is that even some of the more astute hit and run operatives that come to this forum absolutely know it.


for sure

Is that a jelly fish (your avatar)?


they just need their current faddish emotions, subject to change without… rationality


Yes. It is but one of many Box jellyfishes…some of the deadliest animals in the seas.




why do u want a deadly jelly fish for an avatar?

hey, this reminds me of a joke

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a jelly fish?

one is a soul-less, poisonous blob

and one is a type of sea creature



and the Republicans wlll “support” them also… by not doing a damn thing

2 tiered justice system… one for Rs, one for Ds

one for the nobodies
one for the elites


Why do you want an “F” for yours? (Don’t tell me.)