Model Fired For Attending Young Black Conservative Leadership Conference


Bake that cake for gays and trans, but if youre conservative, its free game to be fired.

*>>We are an agency based on love acceptance and inclusiveness
*>>Except for inclusiveness in thoughts and political affiliations

If you’re young, African-American and see yourself as a conservative leader, those on the Left may not want to represent you. Just ask African-american model Zoe Bethel who received bad news recently for having had the audacity to attend a Young Black Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. put on by Turning Point USA.

You may remember seeing the members of the Young Black Leadership Summit wearing their MAGA hats and loudly cheering and applauding when President Trump entered the room at the White House.

The smiles on their faces and their enthusiasm were infectious.

Republican activist Candace Owens was also in the crowd of young black leaders fulfilling a dream of hers to bring them to the White House to discuss how “America First” policies are imminently benefiting the African-American community.

Model Zoe Bethel snapped a photo with Owens at the conference as a reminder of the awe-inspiring event.

However, not everyone was elated by Bethel’s attendance.

Allegedly, she was fired from her modeling agency via text message which read:

“The team has been talking about your political racist connections and we have decided to release you from your contract. We are an agency based on love acceptance and inclusiveness and your current public persona is not relative to our brand. Best of luck to you. XX Ursula”

Can’t you just feel the love, acceptance and inclusiveness?

Owens responded by tweeting in part:

“This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. A young woman who attended our # YBLS summit was released from her modeling contract when she got home for supporting @ realDonaldTrump and this administration. Political bias is DISCRIMINATION. I am APPALLED at this circumstance. #BLEXIT @BLEXIT

How many more reasons does someone need to vote Republican in this midterm election for the Party who embraces them for who they are, not who the Left thinks they should be?


Well that shows you how despicable the left really are, well that Zoe lady will land on her feet, a good looking lass will have no problems finding a new agency.

Zoe just keeping being yourself and classy and expose the left for the despicable degenerates they are .

The People’s democrap Plantation party strikes again, the party of love and tolerance… my ass.


If sexual orientation is protected from discrimination, then it’s time that Trump supporters insist that people be protected from discrimination based on political affiliations.


An agency based on love acceptance and inclusiveness. Unless of course you don’t think like us. Dripping with hypocrisy. I smell lawsuit…a big one.


It’s a private business and they can hire/fire anyone they want so long as it is not discrimination. No one was discriminated against here.

Moving on…


Blacks not allowed signs were on private business mostly because blacks voted republican… you democrats have never changed


So political discrimination is okay in your books?


A black model fired for being with a group of young black entrepreneurs, the future business leaders of America and thats OK!!!
I guess she should have been with a group of GANGSTA RAPPERS swearing about President Trump at a Mad Maxine political rally. Then she would have received a bonus , raise and plenty of platitudes .


yeh, time for wimpy conservatives to start being not so wimpy. We are the ones (HELLLOOOOO)

with truth on our side.


some Rs would say This is the free market… Only the govt is prohibited from discriminating. Well, i think it looks like some laws might need “amending”

you deprive someone of his or h er livelihood, that is no small thing. What if a person cannot easily find another job? If there was no contract signed saying … Oh, i don’t know

I agree not to be conservative during my time at this job

then maybe this person would be in the wrong. Otherwise…

In some states you can’t get fired for a bad reason but you can get fired for no reason…



She was fired for her political beliefs, which is discrimination and she labelled racist as well


I have no qualm of her being fired from this hypocritical agency; albeit I dont see why other “discrimination cases” get elevated all the way to the supreme court. Funny how leftists shrug and say its just “free market” when a conservative is targeted. Its funny how leftists shrug and say its just “a joke” when Hillary say that all blacks look the same.

Again, I have no problem with this person being fired at all. Im just here to highlight the hypocrisy from the left, particularly from @here2bqueer and the likes


Will she have a chance of being on the View and harassed by Whoopi for being with with President Trump ???


Those are called “right to work states”. & usually corporate employers that operate in those states have their own policies with regards to termination of employment. For example, you may get so many warnings to improve or cease & desist before being let go.

These companies are generally pretty fair & don’t terminate some poor souls for frivolous or no reason. I think this thread is more about one side claiming diversity & acceptance & tolerance. Apparently they’re not so tolerant if one thinks differently, or chooses different causes or affiliations.

I wish the best of luck to Candace Owens.


as to the cake decorator, i am a little confused. I guess that’s bc there was another case where the gay couple asked the cake maker to parrticipate in their wedding… and I thought that the courts ruled you can’t be forced to do that, but if you have a business open to the public, you have to serve everyone or its discrimination?

if someone out there knows more about this, maybe you’d be kind enough to help us understand better