Monsanto Glyphosate Study



I guess I’ll start drinking Monsanto weed killer now because it’s perfectly safe :rofl:


Perhaps now the EU dogooders will allow companies like Monsanto to help feed the world,



European countries have banned it and l think that they are eating fine. And one study hardly counters the many others of different conclusions.


Name one person that Glyphosate has killed. Im sure your “studies” are loaded with actual cases.


What do you mean my studies. Do you have stock in Monsanto??


This isn’t about me monte, this is about feeding the poor and helping to eradicate blindness in many African countries. Of course liberals and progressives and communists such as yourself would rather abort your way to a brave new world.

Can’t you name even one person?


There’s a constant mention on this board of planetary overpopulation so let’s start with education and provide birth control and abortion when that fails.


Let’s abort our way to a better future. Pathetic.

I’ll stick with science.


Nope, nobody said that. l said let’s educate ( l realize the threat that that is to the authoritarian mindset) and provide birth control. Abortion is the last thing on the shelf. Btw, you sticking with the climate scientists too. :wink:


Educate??? Why yes, the message isn’t much different than the period of open adoration of eugenics when they were trying illuminate the poor, unwanted and ultimately under cared for scourge of the world… Today the message is far more smiley face but the message is the same… you are too poor, too under educated and too unreliable to have this child… Kill it before it becomes a drain on society… Besides we have tens of thousands of poor, under nourished, under educated immigrants we need to bring in to replace them…

At $250K a day to push a partial birth advocate… you couldn’t badger a women in 9 months to terminate so you figure you need to load the message with… last chance for redemption messages in the Senate…

I realize that this is will off topic and I do take issue with the fact that our growing huge amounts of grain foods to ‘give’ to people around the world only exacerbates the population problem… This is hardly the way to teach a man to fish… besides all this easy grain does nothing to increase the health of the population we now have…


Roundup eliminates weeds enhancing the production of all types of crops.


It does indeed do that, not disputed.


Most of the world bans Monsanto GMO products where possible. Even starving Africans understand that genetic poison could ruin a continent.


Could ruin a continent? Could?



Im splitted on the matter, tho i do care more about bees and how they are affected by various chemicals, glyphosate included.


Bees? Ok.

How about feeding humans?


Who needs bees… Monsanto well create pollen free varieties of everything… helps with hayfever as well… As far as flowers and all the rest of that stuff… what a waste of space… except of course for Monsanto deluxe edible flowers with a nectar flavor made by combining the DNA of a rare African dung beetle with the larva of a fruit fly and some other patented stuff…:grin:


Bees are far more important to feeding humans than anything created by men!!!


Bee is one of the main pollinators of crops. Without them, we will have to look into more expensive alternatives, for example imported immigrants. About feeding humans, yes, bees play a huge role in that.