Montreal Restaurant Being Criticized For Challenging Transgender Man


If you see a person who’s dressed weird, has crazy eyes and a beard bee-lining for the women’s room your first thought probably isn’t “oh, she must be a transwomen, there’s nothing wrong with this”. It’s going to be “That crazy looking guy is going to go upset/disturb/rape/etc the women in the bathroom.”

Trannys, need to stop acting surprised when they put ZERO effort into passing. If you’re not even attempting to present as the gender you’re supposedly more comfortable presenting as then you have no right to be in spaces reserved for that gender.

Hillary wins, this is the shit we will be dealing with. Guaranteed.


I`m just waiting for some establishment to get sued for women’s bathrooms not having urinals.


I hope this happens in a restaurant near me at some point. I’d punch that lunatic right in the face. I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN THE LADIES ROOM!


they’ve probably been there and you didn’t even know Ashley.

for the ones who have completed the transition I am told you don’t eve know most times.

change the word “trans” to “Negro” and you will see why this is so wrong to attack these people.

believe me the last thing they want is attention. they want to be left alone. they just want to go pee.


Why would someone dress like that if the last thing they wanted was attention?


if they are transgender that is who they are Annie.

think Chaz Bono Annie, that is how most trans people dress men or women…normally. they are insulted abused attacked I imagine if one is making a point or protesting these unconstitutional hate laws against them they might want attention.

But under normal daily interactions that last thing they want is any more attention. in fact they just want to be left alone. just like any of the GLBT community.


I have a friend who works over at TSA and he told me they are having a real challenge with men who are clearly not even trying to pass for women claiming that they are a woman and requesting female TSA agents to pay them down. Ugh.


I don’t doubt that and in those cases they should be prosecuted. and while that may be a problem by a group of idiots with sexual problems,

My state Massachusetts has put in a few common sense laws that protect the rights of trans people to use bathrooms and even trans kids to be protected in schools. Anyone found to have used this for nefarious purposes will be prosecuted.

because that is not what legitimate people do.

and those legitimate people deserve the same protections the rest of us have.


I have no problem with people who are in the process of transition. I think they should be accommodated and treated according to their gender. For me this is the fine line between transgender and transsexual. Someone who is transgender is taking the hormones and trying hard to live as the gender they believe they are. Transsexual means that they have no intention on ever transitioning and simply identify as a different gender. I personally have no problem with that in individual lifestyle choices but do have a problem when it impacts others - no one has a crystal ball and shouldn’t be vilified for not having one. If I saw the person in the picture trying to enter a woman’s room I probably would have said something too.


Mitch you got my vote, my man. Well said. Very well said.


Relevant (and funny)


Just need to play it to get the point


Wow. And TSA is so scared of a discrimination lawsuit that they have to go along with it. To me this whole trans gender, gender neuter, in transition, etc is all a very effective distraction issue. And it’s gone too far, as your example illustrates. FORCING ALL THIS ACCEPTANCE (of things that are becoming more freakish and ridiculous) ENDS UP ENRAGING PEOPLE AND BACKFIRING. Left alone most people are good, and in individual situations will have compassion.
Not like this. Never like this.


I am frankly…speechless…