More damaging FBI texts were released


One of the newly discovered messages, lawmakers said, appeared to indicate that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page knew that charges would not be filed against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a result of the investigation into her email server – before Clinton was interviewed by the bureau. An FBI conspiracy and part of the massive cover up in judicial obstruction at the highest level .
One exchange between Strzok and Page, dated July 1, 2016, referenced then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI’s conclusion in the Clinton investigation. Lynch’s announcement came days after it was revealed that the attorney general and former President Bill Clinton had an impromptu meeting aboard her plane in Phoenix.
“Timing looks like hell,” Strzok texted Page.
“Yeah, that is awful timing,” Page agreed. In a later message, she added: "It’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought."
And for some odd reason additional texts sent between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17 of last year were not preserved by the FBI’s system. TICK -TOCK , TICK-TOCK …




Newly revealed texts between Trump-bashing FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show the “fix was in” during Hillary Clinton’s email probe in 2016, Republican lawmakers say.
The latest batch of text messages between Strzok and Page, who were involved romantically, revealed their private conversations regarding Clinton – and their concern about being too tough on her during the investigation into her private email system use. The text messages indicate they were wary of a backlash from Clinton if she were to win the presidential election.


What are Adam Schiff, DOJ and the FBI trying to hide ?
Rep. Adam Schiff has many talents, though few compare to his ability to function as a human barometer of Democratic panic. The greater the level of Schiff hot, pressured air, the more trouble the party knows it’s in.
Mr. Schiff’s millibars have been popping ever since the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, on which he is ranking Democrat, last week voted to make a classified GOP memo about FBI election year abuses available to every House member. Mr. Schiff has spit and spun and apoplectically accused his Republican colleagues of everything short of treason. The memo, he insists, is “profoundly misleading,” not to mention “distorted” and “political,” and an attack on the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He initially tried to block his colleagues from reading it. Having failed, he’s now arguing Americans can know the full story only if they see the underlying classified documents.


McCabe removed ahead of memo being released . :wink:


He ‘voluntarily stepped down’- he wants to play golf on the taxpayers’ dime until he retires- on the taxpayer’s dime.


Do they play golf in Federal prison these days ??:laughing::laughing:




All this bloviating and gloating over a guy that told us last year he was retiring this year anyway is entertaining. Mueller is already prosecuting felons and it’s getting quite hot around Trumps collar.


You have been saying that for over a year now collusion , collusion , collusion even though ALL top Intel said under oath there is NO evidence of collusion NONE ! Hell McCabe said to Reince Priebus while he was chairing a 7:30 a.m. intelligence meeting when one of the participants, Andrew McCabe, asked to speak to him privately.
McCabe, the deputy FBI director, closed the door and told Priebus: “We want you to know that everything in this New York Times story is bull–.” BULLSH*T
Can the FBI say what you just told me?”
McCabe said he would have to check.
James Comey called later. “We really can’t do anything about it,” the FBI director told him. But Comey said he’d be willing to tell the Senate Intelligence Committee that the charges were bogus; he was sure its members would repeat that for the cameras.


Like Steve Bannon told Michael Wolffe, it’s the money laundering. The TIC’s refusal to reveal his tax returns, his attempts to get Mueller fired, his insistance that Mueller crosses a red line by looking into the “Trump Empire” money. The fact that he has bad credit in America and had to resort to borrowing money from an enemy country’s oligarchs and the fact that Muellers team has collected over a million documents during this investigation understandably all has the TIC and his supporters twitching and flailing there arms… don’t look at all that, look at this guy over here that was going to retire anyway,


Please tell all the details of his attempts ? :roll_eyes: shrug