More Mueller indictments






Bet they go to trial, wait, they are in Russia and likely to never be extradited.


There isn’t any evidence at all anywhere that Russia colluded with President Trump. It should be about what is or was in the DNC and HRC servers that wasn’t investigated. The Muller investigation is diverting the public’s attention away from this with the media help .
Monte ,wouldn’t you like to know what was or is in those servers unless they were "cleaned " by the "new and improved " HRC method. Are you looking to justify everything these actors do in this Bizarro KABUKI THEATER play !!! :-1:t6:


Hey juvenile. I don’t wish to read anything you post…


Mainly because it blows your constant droning on and on about Mueller and indictments right out of the water.


And not 1 arrested.

Exactly what was accomplished???

How many will be extradited?

How many will face a trial?


No, mainly because I don’t converse with juveniles, shrug.


Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, Comey, Mueller, all republicans concerned with the integrity of US elections. Your concern, Trumps political well being. Very anti American of you!!!


From the article:

From phishing attacks to gain access to Democratic operatives, to money laundering, to attempts to break into state elections boards, the indictment details a vigorous and complex effort by Russia’s top military intelligence service to sabotage the campaign of Mr. Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

So bc Hillary set up her flimsily guarded private servers that almost got her indicted, its now acceptable to pin their “gross negligence” on outsiders? Im sure they are not releasing other foreign entities that hacked into that honey pots, from China and the Middle East for example.

It was a striking statement a day after Republican members of Congress, engaging in a shouting match during a hearing, attacked Peter Strzok, the F.B.I. agent who oversaw the early days of the Russia investigation, and questioned the integrity of the Justice Department for what they charged was bias against the president.

I wonder if these series of indictments have anything to do with one of their own member of the Mueller probe being under fires. Misdirection at its finest.

Friday’s indictment did not include any accusations that the Russian efforts succeeded in influencing the election results, nor evidence that any of Mr. Trump’s advisers knowingly coordinated with the Russian campaign — a point immediately seized upon by the president’s allies.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, said in a Twitter post that the indictment showed “no Americans are involved,” and he called on Mr. Mueller to end the inquiry. “The Russians are nailed,” Mr. Giuliani wrote.

So yes, according to the article, this is a nothingburger.

Here’s a chart drawn up by the good folks at NYT. Notice anything? Ah yes, it was all the DNC and their gross incompetency that led to their botched election.


You pretend that every republican is just like another.

Unlike progressives, democrats republicans can disagree and not march to the same beat and call of the wild.

p.s. Mueller may or may not be registered as a republican however he certainly isn’t a republican. Th same allies to all the people you list.


All up to their necks in coverups , uranium one , FISA applications , illegal wiretaps , BS warrants , collusion with the Russians !


Dearest @Montecresto1 please read the final paragraph of the attached image. A gentle reminder, this is a photo of the indictment as written - precisely what your thread is about.


It would be quite the thing to see if other countries indicted people in the US for interfering or trying to influence their elections.

Imagine the UK indicating Obama for trying to influence the BREXIT vote or Obama being indicted in Israel for trying to unseat Netanyahu in their last election.


But they do give credence to the claim that the Russian Government participated in the hacking…something that Putin has been denying.


If in fact they have anything other than what Mueller says.

If they can indict a ham sandwich, a parking ticket would be enough to indict.


Love the Trumpsplaining. Explain away the video surveillance the Dutch had, real time video of Russian hackers hacking the election? Including video of every hacker and keystroke they made. The Dutch IC gave all their evidence to Mueller.


The indictment document charging Russia’s interference in the 2016 election cites an unnamed congressional candidate who reached out to a Russian intelligence operative for dirt on an opponent.


So JustErin, did you read the story just listen to the video??
The AIVD alerted its US counterparts when in 2015 it became a “witness to the Russian hackers harassing and penetrating the leaders of the Democratic Party, transferring thousands of emails and documents,” it said.

Note the year.

Remember who was president???

What did that president (OBAMA) do when they were informed???


The collusion was out front, before god and the world, Trump didn’t even attempt to keep it covert. :roll_eyes:

Russian spies began trying to hack Hillary Clinton’s personal email server on the very day Donald Trump urged the Russian government to find emails Clinton had erased, prosecutors said on Friday.


Coincidence does not equal causality.

The timing coincidence was only one of the striking details contained in Friday’s indictment of 12 alleged Russian intelligence officials, who are accused of wreaking havoc in the 2016 US election with a hack-and-leak conspiracy.

Monte is full of bullshit and wishful thinking.