Most popular president


Couldn’t have anything to do with the current train wreck…:roll_eyes:


Didn’t he carpet bomb Iran with skids of $100. bills?




Well, Bush did the same in Iraq with a whole hell of a lot more and that didn’t seem to bother you at all…

To Obama, there’s a host of things to be pissed off at him about both domestic and foreign, and I blame partisan lefties for not holding him accountable the same way that they’re so willing to hold republicans accountable.

Nevertheless, it’s clear to Americans that despite Obama’s failures, he soars above the narcissistic train wreck that we’re grappling with presently.


Who would have thought.
These Are America’s Most Popular Recent Presidents, Ranked

A ranking of 12 recent presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Donald Trump.
By Megan Trimble, Associate Editor, Social Media Feb. 16, 2018, at 2:31 p.m.

No. 1: John F. Kennedy

Presidential term: Jan. 20, 1961 - Nov. 22, 1963

Vice President: Lyndon B. Johnson

Average rating: 6.56

Democratic rating: 7.09

Republican rating: 6.20

Independent rating: 6.62

But then again, it depends on who runs the poll and who they poll.


More than 20 points above Trump, snicker.



And Obama is nothing but a footnote in history as his legacy evaporates.

And one day he will be known for destroying our healthcare system


Trump makes Obama great again. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


…and all the past Presidents are rated here after the completion of their terms, none of them suffered harshly from FAKE NEWS, none of them suffered from mass failure of acceptance as the duly elected President…

Just sayin’…


Couldn’t have anything to do with the media being totally obsessed with Obama…who literally achieved nothing during his two terms as president.


I thought he accomplished a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff you didn’t like…


Just a bunch of executive orders that President Trump has been over turning like clockwork.


I didn’t think he was as bad as y’all chicken littles were making out…


Myself, I always liked TR. The “only” politician who resigned his office, and physically went into battle. No other president can top that. “Why spoil it with legalities” Teddy Roosevelt


Agreed, he was pretty cool, particularly on his forward thinking domestic positions that weren’t too popular with his party.


If you actually take a look at what little data that they cite, it’s easy to tell that millennials dominated the pool of “adults” surveyed. Which means they probably just went to some random liberal arts college in the Northeast and handed out free latte coupons in exchange for responding to the survey.


Trumps steady poor JAR, substantiates the Pew Research Poll.

Had you read all the way to page two, you’d have discovered the methods used for the analysis are not what you said.


Story goes, when TR was president, a Middle East sheik took a “single” American hostage. In go the Marines. An advisor told TR, the hostage really wasn’t an American citizen. TR replied, doesn’t matter, they think he’s an American.


Then their random sample is tainted. Here’s why:


Sometimes a country needs a wild man in office. JFK comes to mind.