Most popular president


Not special knowledge. Ordinary knowledge. You speak of this “deep state” quite matter of fact, like it’s a given that everybody knows what it is, who it is, and what it is they’re doing. Yet neither you or anyone else here can specifically describe it, and what individuals are secret members…


I just did describe it and furnished an example.


Actually, you described it twice.


And… I would dare say that even Alex Jones presents facts that are true and relevant… his delivery is a bit psychotic though…


No you didn’t, you were completely ambiguous about it. There’s nothing remotely specific about unelected bureaucrats. Give me names. You can’t do anything about this ‘secret society‘ unless you know who they are.


He has dealt in construction and the workers most of his life and that is why working Americans identify with him !
Superior intellect doesn’t bend or hang 6" rigid men do !


But then you wouldn’t know that sense you “don’t listen to him at all”.


I don’t actively listen to him… that doesn’t mean that his shrill dialog doesn’t enter the news cycle… like Al Sharpton… I know he’s BS but that doesn’t mean you don’t hear him being forced down your ear drums from time to time.


Well, it’s hardly a surprise that many Millennials believe that Obama was the best president in their lifetime. Suppose you’re, like many Millennials, 22 at the time of answering the poll. You were 13 when Obama first entered the White House in 2009, and 21 when he bid farewell in 2017. Obama is presumably the only president whose presidency you were old enough to personally experience in any meaningful way, unless we are to assume that you were quite an opinionated toddler and prepubescent teenager who had some serious qualms about George W. Bush’s policies.

Obama wins by default.




And how do you explain this???


Yes, if only millennials were polled. Btw, Obama enjoys a much higher approval rating than Trump does and he’s just lying on the beach.

What earned your support of the narcissistic American president that disparages women, and people of color, that attacks anybody ten fold that dares to criticize him, a bigoted racist. Was it the announcement that the US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem. You’re inexpensive…


Whilst I’m quite content that Trump didn’t renege on his promise and refused to heed to the shameful advice dispensed by liberals, to wit, that he ought to simply cower before threats of Arab violence and fury, the views of the American president on the proper status of Jerusalem are quite inconsequential to me. It didn’t matter one whit when Obama declared that Jerusalem (or parts thereof) is the capital of the future Palestinian state and it wouldn’t matter one whit if Trump were to concur. I’m mostly glad for the Americans that their president is not a Hamas supporter who buys into Arab propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Liberal hysteria and obliviousness are also quite an amusing sight, so Trump is to thank for that. Hell, if you were to ask me what I valued more so far, that he moved the embassy to Jerusalem or that he triggered unprecedented amounts of liberal hysteria and obliviousness, I’d probably go with the latter.


Lol, Trump is not a conservative, he’s a mixer and a shocker, a real villain, a populist nationalist. And he’s caused no more hysteria on the left than the black man in the White House did on the right…


I’d say that incessantly prophesying the demise and downfall of America ever since it became apparent that Trump beat Hillary is a sign of unabashed hysteria. Even Nostradamus would think that you’re taking the whole gloom and doom shtick a bit too far.

It is rather convenient to dismiss opposition to Obama as largely emanating from bigotry and opposition to the color of his skin (“black man in the White House”), but I doubt that there’s much truth to that. Most of his detractors seem to have no problem with the idea of having Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams as their president. That’s to say, it’s not the color of the skin, but rather the heinousness of the views and concomitant policies.


For EIGHT years that’s all we heard from the right regarding the direction that Obama was taking America.


Oh I beg to differ with you and the evedince is clear right here on this board if you’d only look at it. This board hates…HATES “niggers” and declares it daily!!!


Exactly! I would have voted for Colin Powell had he run.


You are absolutely incorrect. Apparently, most of what you post here is bullshit. That is why I seldom respond to your drivel.