Motivational Quotes


I was thinking about what you had said… I got a license in Texas as I wanted to see real estate investment from the other side of the business. While I had listened to Zig prior to getting involved in real estate another person comes to mind that you may have heard of… Tom Hopkins…?


I, my wife, and my son are all RE brokers. My son and I build homes and have our licenses hung inactive. My wife still active and several years ago went to coupole Tom Hopkins seminars and also Danielle Kennedy. Haven’t thought about that in years!






I bought her tapes… you just can’t be too motivated…:joy::joy::joy:















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Didn’t I hear that when I was in the service daily???


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Yep, heard that one too.
One that stuck with me:
After a run my drill instructor told me to stop fucking breathing so hard because I was stealing air from the rest of society.


That is part of the goddam problem! Got good people out there covering the asses of pussies.

Thank the Lord the shit gets weeded out and put out in the end.


Boot in 66. Trained by WWII Sgt Maj and korean vets. Knew what it took.