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…gives a whole new meaning to “ripe”.




Yeah… untill you get pitted, soft and then your juices run our all over the place…

Thats like saying


Bull… Ewe’s obese and needs to be put on a damn diet…


“Why spoil it with legalities”: Teddy Roosevelt






Survivors do tend to pass along the best solutions…




Damn Skippy ! I read the warnings and had to experience the thrill anyway… I had a tangle with an electric socket when I was about 10 too… much better instruction than just reading it in a book and you just know that asshat jumping around at the fence was playing to the cameras… :joy:


A bit of trivia re: “The Road Not Taken” : Frost wrote it as a joke on a friend who had difficulty making decisions. He never had the heart to tell the man during his lifetime.


Happened to me when I was bout 7 - 8. Me and my first cousin bout half mile from the house. My grandaddy had installed the first electric fence in the area – didn’t pulse back then – steady current. I pissed on the fence. I screamed – I couldn’t stop – I couldn’t move – I just had to run out. It scared the hell out of me – I was seeing stars. To make matters worse, my cousin was laughing his ass off and when I did run dry, he pointed and asked how come it was sticking straight out??? To this day, he has to tell the story at every family reunion and they all still laugh like a bunch of hyenas. :joy: