Movies Like Schindler's List


I just finished watching the tragic but epic drama, based on a real-life story about the horrors that the :menorah:Jews had to go through during the 卐 nazi-era, called Schindler’s List, for the 89th time this year. Every time I watch it, it makes me cry so much because its so sad, which is the amazing part of the film and the reason so many critics give it 100 scores. Are there any other movies like it about the plight of the poor oppressed :menorah:Jewish people throughout history, from their slavery in Egypt (although I doubt it was in Egypt, because Egyptian pharoahs are black and wouldn’t hurt the :menorah:Jews, it was probably in another place called Egypt), to the genocides under the Babylonians, the Romans, the 卐 nazi’s, and even continuing today in Trumps :star_of_david:️America™️?


If you love Jews and epic dramas then I think you will really be captivated by this masterpiece!


I watch a movie about the Holocaust (RIP :cry::sob:) at least once a day and Schindler’s List is probably the best I’ve watched so far. I think if Hollywood and the media wasn’t run by literal White Supremicists there would be a lot more and maybe better ones made like it. This is exactly why we need ☭ communism comrade!


I guess it was the white supremacist left wing rags that miss reporting on all of the heartwarming stories of the masses of people defecting to the USSR… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You know when all of those ‘refugees’ from ‘Syria’ moved up through Greece and to that train station in Hungary where they had to buy a ticket… east or west. I am amazed that no one bought a ticket for say… China… I hear business is booming but I also hear that if you don’t work, you starve to death.


Schindler’s List is likely among the best movies ever made. I muchly appreciated Ford Motor Company’s presenting it commercial free years ago.

You degrade it by translating its worth into a call for communism.

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Not like Schindler’s List…but this movie, OMFG it nearly killed me with its patriarchal message. Let’s start off with the fact that our main character (straight Wh*Te male) starts the movie off with toxic :biohazard:️ ♂️masculinity by killing an innocent farmer. He also owns a ♀️female-presenting AI who serves as the role of virtual GF (White male loser :gun:incel can’t get a REAL woman :princess:). Had Harrison Ford not shown up (A :menorah:Jew just like me), I would’ve asked for a refund, overall not worth the trip.


Is this a joke gone bad???