MSNBC Lies Again....What's New?


Morning Joe just lied and said Trump is wrong about trade deficit with Canada. They said we have a surplus.

Here are the real numbers:

Foreign Trade - U.S. Trade with Canada

$17 Billion deficit last year.
$11 Billion in 2016.
$15.5 Billion in 2015.
$36.5 Billion in 2014.
$31.6 Billion in 2013.





We are a service based economy and the trade deficit does not include for profitservices we provided to Canada.When that amount is added in we have a surplus with Canada.


No, we are a war based economy. You probably don’t know that we are waging an illegal war in Yemen, right?


Service based companies don’t do a damn bit of good for goods based companies or the employees they would have if the trading of goods was fair to both countries.

Trading of goods and services should be compared separately.