Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities


“Despite my initial desire to vigorously defend myself, I have had a change of heart,” Gates wrote. “The reality of how long this legal process will likely take, the cost, and the circus-like atmosphere of an anticipated trial are too much. I will better serve my family moving forward by exiting this process.”

A question is the game to prosecute people until they completely drain their resources, destroy their families?


Yeah right, apparently you’re suggesting that Gates is pleading guilty to conspiracy against the United States, even though he actually hadn’t done so??

Actually, Gates might have thought about the risks of harming his family back when he was laundering money along with Manafort and hiding income from the IRS.

Gates plead guilty because he committed a crime and he’s plead for a lesser punishment in return for his testimony against bigger fish in the pool.


Meantime, a room full of morons st CPAC were chanting “lock her up” to Trump even over a year since the fat ass TIC told them he wasn’t worried about that anymore. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Just a lying fake president.


I do find it quite sad when those of another persuasion find it impossible to engage in civil debate, but feel compelled to merely hurl slurs…


I wasn’t debating anyone there, not even talking to any particular person. Just making a comment or observation. How about you chime in when a poster is actually making a direct personal attack on another poster or calling them a name. Anyway, would you like to debate the issue of “lock her up”?


Try a dose of reality:


And it was proven when? When was the trial???

And the verdict???

Come on John don’t fall for the guilty until proven innocent mantra of the left. Oh sorry your from the left.


Nope, Hillary’s not even mentioned. Gates has been charged with bank fraud, ten years of tax evasion and laundering 3 million dollars, all of which he KNOWS himself to be innocent of, but he’s going to cop a guilty plea to it anyway because it will be easier on his family. Sorry, but this isn’t a traffic violation or a claimed item on his last years tax return that the IRS is disallowing. You’re hiring an attorney, a good attorney and you’re fighting the hell out of it all the way to the end or you’re going in the poky for a long time. :wink:


Our you face the reality that Mueller’s lawsuit will bleed you dry leave your family penniless and decide that you cannot win against this corrupt DOJ.


Impossible that he’s plead guilty to crimes he’s committed hmm?


the “real story” is not Russia but “illegal leaks,” Sessions has launched 27 investigations


I know… we need a new law… we could call it… ObamaRetain… That way when the high cost of defending yourself against the very government that drove up the prices in the first place you would be covered … but of course their would be a ‘tax’ if you didn’t take out the policy. The standard universal coverage will protected you against charges of sexual misconduct even if you are a woman… Having the government come after you should ruin your family…:wink: