Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities


If so, the point you’re wishing to make here is moot. :wink:


Not that the indictments matter.

What are you going to do send in the seal team to capture them and return them to the US for trial?

Maybe we can hold a kangaroo court with the accused not present.

But our standards have changed as indicted = guilty until proven innocent.


Ah Yes… the ubiquitous ‘source with intimate knowledge of’ keeping the message alive…


Re “Trump Ordered Mueller’s Firing but Was Refused” (front page, Jan. 26):

Now we know that President Trump tried to fire the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, back in June, but the White House counsel, Donald McGahn, threatened to quit if Mr. Trump followed through with the firing. Does that surprise anyone? No. The only thing that is surprising is that it took us so long to find out about it.


So?.. I mean really … So To Hell What. Trump is and was within his right to fire Mueller… the fallout as I am sure was explained to him by McGahn would also be his…


Really, and where can that be evidenced??


Anybody that cares about the US democratic process above and beyond their party.


Your own party lied to you Monte… I deceived you… Some suspect that people have given their lives in defense of this manipulation by the Clinton Campaign and The DNC… They stole the primary right from under your socialist feet… and you are bellowing about caring about the ‘US Democratic’ process? :man_shrugging:


It’s all in the 37 Page indictment, shrug.


Nope, just the ones like the California man who has plead guilty to identity fraud related to Mueller’s indictment.


The only thing that I saw in here that could be considered a crime were some broad allegations of identity theft. Other than that, a whole lot of nothing built on far left conspiracy theory about Twitter accounts and messages shared on the internet. I think if Mueller goes after anyone on making up SSNs and using them then ICE should immediately start prosecuting all of the dreamers and illegals that do this every single day without penalty.


Lol, Mueller’s a Republican. :wink:


This … sounds oddly familiar. Where have I heard this from ??


When has that even happened? Not a single comment, not a single presser, not a single leak. He’s a professional that knows how to run a tight ship. And he’s coming for the TIC.


Great now, get Clinton, FBI members, Steel, the DNC, much of the MSM and that damn George Soros.


It’s called an opinion piece for a reason!!!


One thing at a time…


It seemed that Rosenstein went out of his way to say the indictment didn’t apply to the Trump campaign. I’m hoping its because Mueller wants to present the grand scope of interference and the crimes committed and money spent by a small group, most probably with Kremlin backing and direction. Then conspiracy has a real attack on our country to be based upon.


No less than 13 Russians charged for illegal shitposting.

This is the result of a 2-year investigation.

Democrats will defend this.


Nothing unites liberals more than their loathing of one man and their disdain for the American voters who elected him.

The left offers a glimpse into their plans for the future blind opposition to the president and continued division for the country.