Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities


Um, better read the 37 page indictment if you think that’s all that was going on!


Muellers team can hardly be called objective when it’s staffed by DNC and HRC donors. Why no Americans indicted???There’s alot of them, Jolten John Kerry, Susan Rice, the not have both Ohrs in the water, McCabe and James Baloney Coney to name a few.
Mueller can hardly be called objective also . Who was President when he head of the FBI ??? He should have never been appointed and should have been fired along time ago.


That’s right the dream team of investigators hired by Mueller who are under a lot of investigation now themselves.


I would think that they are just making sure that no one gets the impression that these are the Trump campaign because of the ability for BS to spread so quickly on social media.


I recommend everyone think about Mitch McConnell’s actions when he knew full well this was in fact happening and threatened Obama if it was made public.

This started in 2014 and it certainly sounds like a clear act of war is outlined here.

There has to be a significant response to this by congress and the executive branch, there are no more rocks to hide under if they don’t take action now…


I’m a little late to the news today but in my first impressions two things stand out. The first is the careful repeated use of the phrase “in this indictment”. This phrase was invoked regarding possible US citizens involvement with the Russians. That had to be deliberate. Rosenstein specifically went out of his way to say the Mueller investigation remains ongoing. Sure sounds to me like other indictments will be coming. The second was the lack of placing the blame on the Russian government. No connection was made officially to Putin’s government. That also had to be deliberate. That’s all I got for now.


These nationals setup activities that would be seen as that of an unregistered foreign agent… of course you might be right about the dreamers… they do like to wave their Mexican flag, don’t they…


Could you be some more specific and provide a link to the point you are trying to make…

@iceape - you are right, this indictment makes absolutely no reference to the Russian government or Trumps collusion to it. It does make the point that the participants in his indictment were colluding to support Bernie Sanders as much as they were Trump.

It would seem to me that many of the violations presented in this bit of work points to people who nefariously entered the country and conducted business as if they were American… The left best be careful what they wish for, this could have clear implications for the several million illegals who have invaded our country and taken up fraudulent ID’s and acting as if they were American…


LOL, maybe in the past.

If he were a republicon, why would he appoint a staff of democon, liberal hacks???


Did you miss the fact the Russians were trying to help Bernie win ??? Maybe Mueller needs to look in that direction now !! shrug :roll_eyes:


Illegals voting could be indicted for attempting to change the outcome of our elections.

Wait, they are for the most part not Russian, no problem.


No evidence was found that the Russians succeeded in altering the outcome of the election.

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” he said. “There is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

So, Americans are not implicated. Their efforts did not change the outcome of the election.

The question was the move politically motivated to ensure the continued waste of tax payer dollars?


Sometimes the incompetence of the press overwhelms me.

A CNN headline regarding these indictments:

“Russian scheme had no effect on the election, deputy attorney general says”

From the body of the article:

“Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, speaking at a news conference today, said there is no allegation in the indictment that the activities alleged had any effect on the outcome of 2016 election.”

A very big difference.

Sometimes I’m not sure it’s really just incompetence.


In “this indictment” Rosenstien said repeatedly. Mueller is far from finished, he has had several interviews just last week. A plea deal is expected on Gates soon. We haven’t reached the end of this yet by any means.


It’s been a pretty awesome display of coordinated hogwash for certainly the last couple of years from where I am sitting… but perhaps one day I just woke up and saw it for the agenda supporting cast it has always been…


The interesting bit is going to be when they find out that the same people who financed this little operation are that same people who funded the dossiers… what a hoot that would be… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Breaking news: ‘Hillary in the aftermath of the election pays Russians to demonstrate against her in a bid to boost book sales’ …


Every American has a political position. Do you think everyone in law enforcement is a-political? Mueller hired the best and brightest in their fields. Renowned experts in financial crimes, espionage, etc. And mueller is a Republican himself that comes highly praised from members of both sides of the isle.


Yes,but to be impartial , his team could be balanced to not give anyone a chance to question the possibility of “Bias” .


And it is, reportedly about half of them have donated to democrats before. What of the other half? I realize the desperation of the right to do anything in an attempt to delegitimize the investigation, but it’s smoke and mirrors.

The Justice Department looked into the contributions and employment histories of all of Mueller’s hires and determined them consistent with the rules of professional responsibility.


Smart prosecutors, and Mueller is a VERY smart prosecutor, tend to take a minimalist approach to drafting indictments, particularly when the investigation is still ongoing. If nothing else, it lets other subjects of the investigations perhaps breathe easier and behave more carelessly.

Also, this is evidence that Trump suffers from extremely poor judgment regarding whose denials should be believed. Porter over battered wives with photos, Putin over the entire intelligence establishment.


I think this perspective has been over worked and done so deliberately for effect. I think if the media hadn’t attempted to hang a collusion conviction around his neck from day one, you could and if he had any reference to reality should admit that Russia has been involved in our political process for a half a century. Admitting that with the rabid press continually using unproven innuendo to tie him to Putin would no doubt put anyone on the defensive. As far as his comments about 'Putin said he didn’t do it. As a new president developing his relationships with world leaders, giving on the benefit of the doubt shouldn’t be seen as out of the ordinary. As it is, his policy hands are tied by what could only be called a vengeful public lead by a less than honest press… If he gets tough with Russia, he is covering his ass and if he sees it more beneficial not to, he is a puppet.

It may sound like I am giving him unwarranted cover but at the end of the day, because I believe in things like the rule of law which includes the enforcement of our immigration laws… I am a deplorable. If I wear a hat that might mean to me, the return of jobs and rising wages for the people of the United States, I am likely to be blindsided by some law abiding yahoo in a black mask…

I do hope that Mueller is addressing the actual Russian interference in the election rather than spending all of his time and tax dollars on the singular goal that has the left salivating which is to impeach Trump. I find it strange that so much is made of the connection between the ‘hacking’ of the DNC server and the Wikileaks release as a focal point of the ‘collusion’ just why no one from the FBI has ever forensically looked at it.


Yes this is a complete charade and of course smoke and mirrors.

But who cares anyway, it’s only about 20 million so far and growing.

And you bitch about the deficit, ROTFLMAO, snicker, snicker.