Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities


One of Russia’s 'unwitting’ participants… who in turn influenced thousands more…


Russian meddling means Russian meddling, just like the U.S. meddles in Russia and elsewhere, and Israel meddles in America and elsewhere. The harm here is that it will further antagonize the Russians, which is in some peoples interests.

The FBI made it very clear that Russia wasn’t successful in changing the outcome of the elections. They meddled, so what?


No, this indictment concluded nothing about affecting the outcome.


Exactly. H. R. McMaster was crystal clear about it this morning when he said this indictment put the clarity in the proof of Russian interference in our elections. Of course Trump still refuses to acknowledge it.


Mueller’s Russia Probe Tops $6.7M as of Dec. 1, 2017.

Tops 10 million today.


Deputy AG Rosenstein: No evidence election results were impacted
1:38 PM ET Fri, 16 Feb 2018

At a press conference, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein speaks about the indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three companies involved with meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

But hey, don’t let the truth get in your way.


The original ‘17’ agency assessment said absolutely nothing about collusion with the Trump campaign but that hasn’t stopped the left from 24/7 accusations to that point. Fact is, the indictment with respect to the actors and organizations named were not doing what they were doing to ‘help Trump’, they were doing it to sow discord and division… Holding simultaneous rallies for and against Trump and pulling Micheal Moore into an anti trump rally is not supporting Trump… and if the effort was to help trump they also seemed amored with Sanders who is definitely not Trump.

You are correct that ANY efforts by ANY group to shape opinion can change an election… the thing is, Russia has been actively involved in every election since FDR and Truman. So, your statement while correct does not address the comment made by @SeattleHeroinClinic … you just diverted…

Quite saying that… He acknowledged Russian interference over a year ago.

The problem for me with these admissions is that they were strong-armed. He admitted Russian involvement in the ‘HACKING’ of the DNC servers. Their is no prove of this and NO ONE has acknowledged the speed differential that exists between the actual transfer speeds and plausible Internet data rates. Besides that, the FBI has never done any forensic tests or even examined the DNC servers…

An additional kicker to the ‘affected the outcome of the election mime’…


For those who read the publicly available 37 page indictment, they’d find that THIS indictment didn’t investigate whether or not the Russian interference impacted the election, and offers no evidence that it did or did not. It isn’t the first nor the last indictments to drop. Rosenstien said, “there are no allegations in THIS indictment that the Russian interference altered the election outcome”. That doesn’t mean it did or didn’t, just that THIS indictment doesn’t address it. More indictments to follow.


The president attacked his own national security adviser publicly humiliating him (as we’ve seen him do to his director of FBI, DNI, his AG, his SOS and so many others) because H.R. Mc Master declared that Mueller’s indictment provides IRREFUTABLE PROOF of what the IC reported on in January of 2017. The FM TIC appears to be the only one still in denial. And in his Twitter tyraid he declared that Mc Master left out things that the indictment DIDNT SPEAK TO AT ALL. :roll_eyes:


This “information warfare” by the Russians didn’t affect the outcome of the presidential election, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told reporters. Trump and his Republican supporters have repeatedly denounced the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt” and have denied any collusion. The indictment cites no instances of Russians coordinating directly with the Trump campaign.


Indeed, and he’s far from finished. More indictments to drop.



You have selective sight or you didn’t read the 37 pages of the indictment. Did you catch H. R. Mc Master’s comments yesterday that infuriated the fat ass TIC? How about the TIC’s tweet that sought to humiliate McMaster? The TIC claims that McMaster forgot to mention things that the indictment (which he hasn’t read, obviously) DIDNT EVEN SPEAK TO! :joy::joy::joy:


It doesn’t matter what he says. What Mueller produces is what’s important.



The Mueller indictment documents that these Russians worked to help Trump defeat Clinton. The hypocritical right here would be outraged if everything was reversed. But that’s the problem with partisan hypocrites to begin with. Russian interference is welcomed by the fringe right because they were helping Trump, not Clinton. :wink:


Actually it think it points to the fact that the people in this indictment worked against Clinton. The indictment says that they worked in support of Sanders against Clinton and then against here in the general election. It also said that the object, which is quite clear from simultaneous pro and anti trump events was to sow division. Of course Fakebook made it clear that most of these ads were placed after the election and in fact most of them never were published. I could turn your last statement around and say that the entire sham collusion game is welcomed by you because it it hurting Trumps agenda. Much to do about nothing I am afraid… Interference … yeah… how much, likely very little. The question of course is that we know that Clinton paid for the dossiers in which the information came from Russians… we know that she hired thugs to disrupt Trump trump rallies and we know that she had thousands of fake accounts following her… just how many of those people were Russians themselves…

Oh yeah… I also read where most of this indictment from this ‘team’ of hard working investigators came straight out of a 2015 Radio Free Europe article… right down to the name of the ‘organization’…


Nope, no takers. The fringe right doesn’t want to address that. :wink:


I asked her quite specifically for more information on her comment … No reply.


Joe Biden said Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped the Obama administration from speaking out about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign by refusing to sign on to a bipartisan statement of condemnation.

Biden said he and former President Barack Obama worried that without a united front of bipartisanship, speaking out before the election would undermine the legitimacy of the election and American institutions in a way that would play into the Russians’ larger ambitions.